Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just Blogging.


I have updated the Archive List for this site. Everythin now is listed by category. So I hope it will be much easier for the reading public to my little collection here. Kinda feel bad browsing my works in such a chaotic link so, voila! (see archive)

I also have updated my friend[s] link and powered it blogroll. So I can focused reading more those list that is being updated. Plus, it would be much more easier for those people who want to link me up in their respective blogsite. (see jerkers)

I am also planning of getting rid of the tag board and replace it with a gallery. I am still studying a good script for that though. Do you think its a good idea? Oh well...


marlbaldez said...

why am i not in the list? :(

marlbaldez said...

sorry I think I must've switched comments. I think your idea is cool! Your so considerate of your readers yet your so powerfully creative!

Momel said...

Yeah, you go for it.

I mean, props and cheers to you Khalel. Make it easier for us, and we'll love you twice all over.

Fo shizzle.

khalel said...

you scared and shamed myself there for a while marl... lolz! I really thought i forgot your link. Nway, thanks man!


khalel said...

MOMEL thanks! as always man! it is being a habit of mine to check for those comments you are droppin here by my site! Hope to hear from you! Thanks!