Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Isang Daan na Po

I have started this blog someone started this blog for without knowing actually what this shit is all about, it is just somewhere in october 2004 i had this urge of wanting to have a personal space where i can write about the things i feel, iam feeling and will feel. Good enough someone named Aian aka Brew, [his previous site was named brew over cigar, i know you hate it how i spell your name man lolz] agreed to do a template for my personal website that gave birth to Cairo's Confession and along with those templates design was also a personalized template for this space in blogger. He literally open up everything for me, even the account for the geocities and an account here at blogger. Username and password included. [lolz!]

remembering the old blog design for hush and listen

I am pretty much amaze with the design and the same time got pretty much interested with all these HTML codes. Pretty cool really!!!! Knowing me, i would want to learn the trick to it...

So ive tried to catch on the things on how he had done it. His design back then inspired me to learn this craft and do it personally this time. And i think it did causes me some migraine attacks.
But voila! I am currently using my latest design here, i guess it can speak for itself, if i have learn on not. What do you think?

Back to the blog, from then on this has been my little voice box for those unspoken tales happening to my day to day life. It has played witness to some of my budding relationship and played a theraphy for those sleepless nights of break ups and melancholic saga. Of course, it also played part in a number of happiness with friends and foes alike.

For two years now, this blog have is serving as a capsule for those memories of heaven and hell, love and lust.

To tell you honestly, it is just recently that i am enjoying this insignificant thread in the internet that i call my own. I remeber a friend that would always tease about this blog of mine and the months that has passby and careless attitude of not updating it. He would often tell me that, "Your most probably in love now, that why your not updating your blog!"

Yes it is true, i am someone whom you can call a sad writer. The writer that is IN is often awakened by sad thoughts and is in slumber when i am happy. But more than that, i would often personally surrender this space to save my "partners" from their insensible jealousy. Two of them in my past had brought in one or another this blog in one or some of our fights. Yes, i heard you its pathetic. But hey, i am in love what can i do. That was me then.

It is just recently that i completely enjoyed writing more on this space. Most probably that would also explain why today only marks my 100th post considering the two years i have been here.

Readers? I never did really expected that people really, actually reading my shitty things here. But Still, it literally amazes me that this little blog has grown... Never really expect people who i dont even personally know to read it since it's just a minute insignificant thread in the internet quilt, so small that it's always a surprise to have someone stumble on it.
To date, my statistic tells me that i had 19,217 readers from accross the globe, ranked 3rd at the PLU Blog Listing. Generally, i guess this is what every writer's dream, to know someone is actually reading your shitty stuff. To know that somehow, even for just a minute of someone elses life, you have become a part of it and appreciating and dissecting your work and in return become a part of you eventhough their millions of miles away.

To All of you who has been and is being a part of this world of mine, Thank you.

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