Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Power Party of Three

me, myself and i. apparently, anyone else may be too much. i like three. it's a good number. a prime number. i guess i've just been feeling like i need someone. a friend. a good friend. but, when i look around, the only one still standing with me is ... me.
me, myself and i. we've become good friends over the years. i've learned a lot more about me ... about myself over the last few years. and, sometimes i feel like i'm losing my mind because i feel crazy alone. but, i am learning to count on myself. to pull myself out of the funk and back into the rhythm ...
of all the things i should be doing. i don't often do things right the first time, but if we pay attention we'd know that somehow we often get a second chance at things. same opportunities, different situations.
i did it wrong again. counted on all the wrong people. counted on everyone but myself to be there for me. but, i am the one who's been wiping my tears.
i'm the one who's been telling me everyday that i'll be okay.
i'm the one who tells me i am loved.
i know that i'll always be here for myself. everyday.
without fail ... i'll be here ... for me.
everyday i learn a little more what it means to depend on me. to take care of me. to love myself. and, it's hard. it's harder to love yourself than it is to love someone else. it's hard to learn that i am the one most deserving of my love. but, i'm learning ...

everyday, i'm learning ...

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marlbaldez said...

Hi Khalel,

Marl here. Finaly found out how to find my way around your way too cool blog site! Amazing! I can only wish I can do half of what you can do in my own blogsite. I like your latest post. Reminds ME a lot of MYSELF when I was tryin to understand who I am. It's a good path I tell you. Keep trekking. Nothing is more fulfilling than nothing who you are.