Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Damn Temple

"I am beautiful, no matter what you say Brute!"

Don’t fuck with me
Its not your place
To judge and wish
It isnt your home
To tell me its wrong

This isn’t your temple
Let me worship whom
I please and How I please
In a few years Will you see?

You’re blind to me
Just like I am to you
You won’t let me feel
And I won’t let you in

Kiss it all goodbye
The coffin is set
Ready with 30 nails
The body is embalmed
Full of unnatural chemicals
The makeup you wore
Still the same A dozen roses

And six feet of dirt
But its my turn
Right its my turn to

Say what it is that I feel
and that is I am who I was
and What I am is not
what u Wanted but I will not
And won’t change for you


Its what i feel about all those people who are full of shit and who think that same sex anything is wrong!!!

Yes, this is for you Biatch!!!!
No wonder your son kill himself!!!!
Bang! Bang! Bang!

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