Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Naked Year

Urban Photography's Housework Calendar is every girl's dream and every gay's fantasy, and it's supporting Breast Cancer charities. 12 stunning guys, doing your housework, wearing only a smile. It's all tastefully done (no intimate bits shown), so you can leave the calendar up when the vicar comes round for tea.

get your hands on these boys…

It's all for a good cause

Every year, more than 40,000 women in the Uk are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and more than 12,000 die. For every calendar sold, Urban Photography is making a donation to Breast Cancer Charities. The majority of the money we raise will be donated to Cancer Research UK, who are one of the largest charities funding research into breast cancer.

I hope some photographers here in the country can read this, im sure it will be a big hit!


akihisa said...

Hey Khalil! Got a lot referral from your site. "Salamat" for linking. Err, is that the correct Filipino word for thanks? Really like the layout of your site. Very cool!

Btw, the guy with the vacuum cleaner?! Me like!! So cute! I always like guys who smile with their eyes. *drool*

khalel said...

yup, he is so damn gorgeous with those eyes.

yup, "salamat" is the correct word to say thank you in filipino.

Thanks for droppin by and for the wonderful compliments!


nobe said...