Sunday, November 26, 2006

Asian HeatWave: Polo Ravales

He’s got rugged good looks, smoldering eyes, a chiseled physique, hairy chest, aquiline nose and bronze complexion; Polo Ravales is just oozing in testosterone and is ablaze with sex appeal. It’s no doubt that this sun-kissed hottie is ripe for the picking!

This complete repacking is bound to shoot this young star to new heights after he was handpicked to be the latest style star to represent fashion house Folded & Hung’s latest campaign.

After spending his earlier years in show business in teenybopper roles, Ravales sheds his old skin and takes a plunge into serious acting land. The 23-year-old got rave reviews for his role in the play Penis Talk Reloaded, which signaled the former teen star’s entry into more mature drama.

Although Polo welcomed the change in image, he admits to having put a lot of effort into it.

“I felt I wasn’t ready for it yet. Not only acting-wise but because I didn’t have the proper physique. So I had to work hard for it,” Polo said.

The change seems to have all worked for the good, leading to further highly popular roles in Encantadia, Now and Forever, indie film Roomboy, and the Metro Manila Film Festival top-biller Blue Moon. His latest movie is Joel Lamangan's "Manay po" whom he played as a straight acting gay.



photos from folded and Hung, Penis Talk, and Hunky Male Celeb
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marlbaldez said...

Hey Khalel,

First I love your design. Its better than what I expected. Still have the same high design but now more user friendly especially for me who's not very tech savy.

I have a crush at polo too. I love his article on men's health. The included his diet. His simply delish!

The Iranians who were hanged moved me. It's just simply inhuman.

Momel said...

Warn't he gay?

Like, warn't he?

khalel said...

ei marl, thanks man...

momel, my man.. if he is gay, the better... lolz