Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Listen, please?

I wander aimlessly through this world
Seeking guidance from the people who care
I tap them on the shoulders and ask questions
Only to linger in unanswered silence
My mind spins in my confusion

"will you hear? will you listen?"

Wondering if anyone will listen
Shrinking in paranoia I shake off the madness
Believing someone, somewhere will pay attention to me
In crowds I enter only to be unseen
Watching the people walk through me
as if I was airI clench my fists and shut my eyes
Yelling furious comments which are drowned out with laughter
Voices in my head are laughing at me
Telling me I am invisible and alone
In a world so big and dangerous
I lose myself deep in my mind
Around the corner in the shadows
I silently weep, knowing I am mute to the outside
I have no voice to speak, as no one will hear
I peer into a mirror at the alternate dimension where I do not exist
The place that has discarded me into an isolated box
The realm which has forgotten me.

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john said...

Hey. Lalaki ba ang gusto mo?

Punta na, dali! Grabe ang banatan dito.

Sa LiveWirePilipinas lang to!