Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Asian HeatWave: Zanjoe Marudo

zanjoe marudo, a 22-year-old model for philippines' bench underwear line, is brooding, quiet and sexy. with a six-pack to die for in a six-foot frame, plus tons of sex appeal, he is the perfect poster boy.

zanjoe got into modeling after high school to earn his own money and has since become one of cosmo's top 10 bachelors and was commissioned to pose for metro calendar 2006. he is also a sports fanatic, into badminton, wake boarding, and was once a member of his high school's basketball varsity team.

but commercial model zanjoe was known only in a small fashion and advertising circles. he was a virtual unknown in showbiz. now he is fast becoming a household name and an emerging matinee idol, especially after his appearance in pinoy big brother celebrity edition, where he was part of the final four.

"i would like to have a showbiz career," zanjoe admitted. "i'd like to learn to act and to sing. but no, i would not go for bold roles."

and since coming out of the big brother house, zanjoe's wish is coming true. he's starred in several local tv shows and is being considered for a role in an upcoming soap. shame though that he won't reconsider the latter - he's sure to set the screen on fire.

Currently, zanjoe is a main cast in comedy series, "Aalog alog" by ABS CBN. His crazy and cute "head banging" steps is so cute. lolz.

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