Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Diskriminasyon II

I am me, always have, always will.
Why must this society push us to be like them?
Is the reason you are so against homosexuality,
Because you are insecure of yourself?

Homosexuals are people of their own,
We live, breathe, talk, laugh and love.
We are not that different than anyone in this world,
You try to defy us because you yourself just don’t get
why we can be so happy as we are.

I can tell you that, you’re against us,
Because you can’t fulfill your own happiness,
To see other people, such as me,
To be so happy as ourselves,
and yet you can’t be happy with your life.

I’m damn proud to be a homosexual,
It wasn’t a choice, I was just born this way,
So stop making yourself look like a fool,
By discriminating people like me and deal with it.

It’s not like we try and stop you from being a heterosexual now is it?

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