Friday, November 10, 2006

Have you dreamt of Me?

Did you dream of me my darling?

Did we fly through skies of orange and violet on astral angelic wings? I opened the box of a universe last night and drew from it a star to present you, to hold in your heart, but when I awoke this morning I watched it wash away with the flood of the morning's light.

Did you dream of me my darling?

Did we dance in fields of ethereal twilight meant only for the beings of Heaven?

I watched you radiate like a holy entity, bathed in the light, and blessings of God.

I watched you fade from my eyes into beauty I could not behold.

I watched you fly to heights I could not reach, even in my dream. And when I awoke I saw you fade from my world.

I watch you here in admiration, for that is all I am granted. I admire but cannot want, for angels were not meant for mortals.


Anonymous said...

What a great site. Love the pictures and the layout.

khalel said...

thanks man!