Thursday, July 26, 2007

Master and Slave: The Last Chapter

“I’m sorry Master,” The bound boy whimpered. “I’m sorry. I told him that you- you are my Master and I can’t-”

A large hand struck him across the cheek. “Silence!” His Master snapped.

The man reached down and jerked the vibrator roughly out of his small hole, making the boy whimper with pain and need. He shut it off and cast it down to be forgotten on the floor. The boy squirmed awkwardly under those scowling eyes.
“You will have to be punished,” The older male of the two said. He nodded weakly.

“Yes Master.”

The silk cloths that bound his feet to the bed were undone, then the ones at his hands.

“Roll over,” His master ordered harshly.

The boy did as told, rolling onto his stomach. His arms were jerked roughly behind his back and tied there at the wrists.
“Up!” He was ordered.

The boy struggled to his feet but he wasn’t fast enough for the man. He was dragged up by the wrists and thrown down to the floor.
“On your knees.”

The boy got on his knees, his back straight, until his head was forced down roughly. His master ground his face roughly into the floor and then slapped his rear.

“You will stay like this,” He snarled. “Until I tell you that you are done. You will thank me for every blow. If you hesitate, or don’t say it, that’s ten more. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” The boy whispered.

There was a pause, then “What is your safe word, slut?”
“Yellow, Master,” He whispered in answer. The safe word. He’d never had to use it before. Would tonight be the night that Master Lex went too far? As much as he enjoyed the pain mixed with pleasure he was given, he did have his limits. His master would keep those in mind tonight. Right?

He was frightened. His master was angry at him, very angry. And kneeling like he was, his rear raised high and his head pressed against the ground, he was vulnerable.

He could hear the man’s boots click over to the cabinet again. He was getting something to beat him with. Suddenly a sharp blow landed on his rear. It was the cane. His master was using the cane on him, despite how much he knew the youth feared it. Or maybe that was why he chose it.

“Thank you Master,” The boy whispered. Another blow, and again he thanked the man for hurting him.

The cane left harsh red marks on the soft, youthful skin of his rear. Tears began to fall down the teen’s cheeks.

“Thank you Master,” He whispered. “Thank you Master.”

Pain seared through his small body, burning through his nerves. With it came the most bitter pleasure he had ever known. His body sang as he wept.

“Thank you Master,” He said.

Then the blows stopped, and all was still. He started to raise his head but was struck in the back of the head.

“Thank you Master,” The boy mumbled as he became still again.
“I told you not to move, slut,” The man sneered. “You can’t have forgotten already.”

“No Master.”

He was still for what felt like forever. Then, suddenly and without warning his master’s length slammed into his rear without preparation or even lube. A cry of pain escaped his lips and the tears fell faster down his cheeks. The friction was rough and painful, his master gave him no time to prepare or adjust.
“Thank me!” The man snarled as he thrust into the boy again, his hard length delivering sharp blows to the boy’s prostate.
“Thank you Master,” He whimpered with each torturous thrust.
Every movement that Master made send hot tendrils of pain through his body. His rear stung from the vicious use of the cane and already it was aching from the deep, rough thrusts. Large hands gripped at his bound wrists, jerking them for support until the boy’s shoulders hurt. His fragile body shook with every savage movement of their hips, driving his face harder against the floor.
“Thank you Master,” The slave whispered. “Thank you Master.”
Their hips met over and over again as his tight ass was violated violently by the much larger male. His master thrust into him what seemed like a thousand times, making the boy thank him after each. The tears were pooling around his face on the floor, his eyes red and puffy, and his voice hoarse. There were bruises on his wrists and the round cheeks of his beaten rear.

At least his master seemed to be enjoying himself, moaning at the tightness, the friction. He was nearing his climax. Then, just before he came, he hit the boy hard in the back of the head. The boy’s rear tightened around him and he released deep inside his slave, listening to the muffled “Thank you Master.”

Lex pulled out of Tristan’s limp body. His slave had passed out from the pain. Gently he untied the youth’s hands. He rolled over the small boy and looked down at the tear stained face. Softly Lex kissed his lover’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered softly.

Strong arms picked up the teenaged boy and carried him to the bed. With all the care and gentleness of a mother cat cleaning one of her kittens he wiped the tears from Tristan’s face, then climbed into bed with him.

Lex cradled his young lover all night.


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Very very nice series! Love it!

khalel said...

marcus, thank you... I am starting to think that i made an awful series out of this because no one is reacting! lolz!

Jessica said...

I apologize for my laziness and failure to comment. I loved your writing! It's nice to find someone who actually approaches BDSM, instead of attempting to pass off minor sex play as such.

khalel said...

jessica, thank you. I know this is very delicate subject to tackle, I just hope i did justice to it. Cheers!