Friday, July 13, 2007

The Last Words

Dear Reader ,

The Big Bad Boys Have Tied Me Up
They Say Im Gonna Die

Then They Wished Me Luck

They Hit Me Hard
They Beat Me Strong

Then They Said That I Was Wrong

They Called Me Names
They Took No Pity

They Say I Dont Belong
In Their City

They Say Im Nasty
Then They Cut My Throat
And Poured Piss On My Clothes

They Told Me With People Like Me
This Is How It Goes

They Shot Me Six Times
Right In The Head

Then They Called Me A Faggot

Yes Thats What They Said....

They Laughed So Loud And Clapped Their Hands
Then They Dumped My Body In The Water

To Them It Was Fun....
To Me It Was Slaughter...

To All of You, Goodybye....




Definitely this is not my last words at this Blog.
Happy Weekend Guys! I am leaving you "The Last Words" and "The Boy" to stimulate your organs - two of my favorites actually.

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!!!!

And Please If you like what this biatch has been writing here. A Virtual Pat on mah shoulder can be properly address to the GAY MEN RULEs Gay Dude Award for the Best personal Blog where this Blog is also nominated.

Lastly, please feel free to check UNITED ASEA and join Us.

Cheers! Have a Happy Weekend Guys

-- khalel


cant_u_read said...

i don't know whether you can forgive me. i know you will not like what i just did. bu ti just wanna know what you're answers would be. i just tagged you!

Dan Gabriel said...

this post makes me remember the time when i was thinking of writing a gay novel with the main character as a closeted gay man who is also a superhero. very mainstream filipino superhero in some ways. maybe i will finally start re-envisioning it so i can write it.

Anonymous said...

hmmnnn... whats happening here???

khalel said...

rye, i will check on it... and i promise ill be candid as possible. lolz

khalel said...

dan, i feel so honored that i was able to fuel your fire again into writing... let me know when you have finish posted it... Cheers!

khalel said...

josh, hush. listen well.

Reyville said...

This reminded of that oratorical piece about a Jew. I think I did it before sa training namin. HaHaHa.

Reyville said...

*This reminded me...