Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Once There was A Boy

Once there was a boy
Who gave his love freely
Loved everyone equal
Saw no one different

He though that the most precious gift
That he could give another
Was love and affection
Man, woman, friend or lover

So he lived in innocence and bliss
Happiness and contentment
Until that one day
That one fateful day

As he walked down the street
On the arm of his lover
And saw a man leaning up against a wall
Who looked like he could be having trouble
And walked over to the man
And dared to ask if something was wrong

He began to speak, and then he looked up
Looked at the boy and the young man with him
And his eyes grew dark and angry
Moved too fast for either of them

There was a flash of bright steel
A splash of crimson blood
And a torrent of horrible names
And the boy fell silently at the foot of his love
While the man ran, ran quickly away

And as the world grew soft and fuzzy 'round the edges
As he felt the shadows creeping in
He lay his trembling fingers on his lover's cheek
And said "Tell them you love them again
And again
And again
And again"

And his love didn't have to ask who he was talking about
He knew exactly who he meant
Not one person, but the entire world
So full of hate and resentment

And then the darkness closed in on the free spirit
The shadows bore him off to a place
Where saying "I love you" is never a fear
Where there's no pain or hurt or hate

His lover bore the small form away
The light of life gone from its eyes
It was no longer the youth he loved
But an empty shell his disguise
But he did as he asked
He never forgot
He spread his cheer and joy and frame
Of mind to others, trying to drive away the hate
And the whole time he felt the free spirit
Wrap his arms around him again and again and
Again and again and...

Hate brings nothing but pain and remorse
Bitter, red-stained tears
Intolerance a rough-edged sword
Stained with the blood of many years
And it cleaves through souls that otherwise
Have naught but love to give
It turns the world unlivable
Keeps alive all our fears

So if we open our eyes to others
If we see things from their side
If we can only be what we're meant to be
And never have to hide
When we're free to say "I Love You"
To whoever where we please
Then we'll know that this is paradise
Every spirit will be free

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Anonymous said...

D boy was conquered by love... and it finished him...