Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Gay Marriage II

Marriage is All About Love

Last month I posted a challenge for all my readers focused on One Theme: Gay Marriage. It did attract attentions and opinions of my readers. So this one would be my personal stand on the matter. Read On.

I'm not a person of facts. I'm a person of feelings. You wont be reading about statistics and percents and figures here. What you're going to read is my opinion on gay rights (the marriage issue). This is my opinion. I'm not saying everyone has to feel my way and I respect the views of others and I ask for the same respect in return.

I want someone to tell me why gay people shouldn't get married? Are we are a country with great respect for Human Rights, Democracy, the "Land of the free and the home of the brave," or aren't we? If we truly are the land of the free then prove it. Why can't we all be free? What kind of message is all this sending the younger generation?

"Don't you dare be different!"

"Conform to our way of thinking!"

"Pretend to be someone you aren't because its more politacally correct."

I say forget that. I dare to be different just by speaking out about controversial issues like abortion and gay marriage. I dare to be different for not doing drugs because I feel like its the right thing. And I think that an openly gay person is very brave because of the persecution that they go through.

Another thing. Why do people think that being gay is a choice people make? Or some kind of Mental Illness that needs Psychotherapist?

WRONG! WE are BORN like this! Okay, lets use a logical approach. Lets say you were gay. Following me? Okay good. Okay, you're gay and you come out to your friends and family. Your friends and your family disowns you. Pretty soon word spreads like wildfire. And suddenly your car gets keyed. Your tires get slashed. People start calling you horrible names. Some even become violent toward you. You start getting threats. Hate mail. All that fun stuff. Now honestly tell me... is that a life you would choose? Nope, not me.

Now, lets look at this from a religious point of view. People always say

"Its against God!"

"Let those fags burn in hell!"

Man all that is so played out. I'm a Christian and I was taught that religion is a religion of love and kindness. If we do not love our neighbors as we love ourselves then we are nothing, am I right? Then why all the negativaty toward gay people?

And you say to protect the sanctity of marriage. Okay... lets use Britney Spears as our prime examble. She can go get drunk, married in Vegas, and have it annuled the next day, but its okay because he was a guy and she was a girl?????

Do not use the religous card with this situation. Plus add it to the fact that the Bible translation has been personal. Translation of the original varies depending on what is the congregation it wishes to uphold.

I'm sorry, but this should not be about morals because, lets face it, we are not and never have been a moral nation. Everytime you change the channels on your television set you hear cussing, see sex and violence, and see hate filled images. You hear music all the time with hate filled lyrics and whatnot, so what the crap? I say we take care of those problems before we go pointing the dilemma at US.

Gay people are not ruining our society. Hate is ruining our society. PEOPLE are ruining our nation and ruining the lives of the people here INCLUDING THE GAY PEOPLE!!!!!

All in all, I fully support gay marriage. I see nothing wrong with wanting to marry someone that you love. Yes, gay people love too!!! They are tax paying citizens of this country and deserve all the rights that we have. People may disagree because we are a Christian nation, which in itself is stupid. There is such thing a seperation of power between the state and the church, right? But yes, even I can blame them, just the recent elections, you will see politicians begging for the religious group vote.

And if nothing else in my whole angry piece of writing makes sense to anyone then please read this and understand.

Love is something that is more powerful than hate if we let it be. Love is the purest thing. People mess it up. Don't turn your back on Us [gay people] just because we are different. Don't hate us because that would be like someone hating you because your names starts with an M. I'm not telling you that you have to agree with our sexuality but I'm asking you not to take away our rights just because we believe differently than you do. Don't keep two people that love each other very much from being able to pledge their love to one another in a marriage ceremony just because they are of the same gender. That's not fair and its not right.

We need to start rebuilding this nation and we can only do it one heart at a time. When people start to love one another despite differences and flaws that's when real changes can be made and it has to start with us. I'm just a blogger thinking outloud and I doubt anyone is taking me seriously right now but I hope this at least helps someone.


Anonymous said...

Wat d world needs now is love, sweet love!

Jeff said...

All the people heart are weak and fragile. some protect it with selflessness, some protect it with positive thinking, some protect it with pessimistic and some are protect it with hatred.

Because the hatred is the only way to protect their values, their right of living, their meaning of life.

That hatred people out their are just use religion and conservative life style as an accuse for their right. To protect themselves, to feel safe in their shell.They just don't want to know the truth that all they have don't in the past, all the values they are holding is nothing but a wrong faith, a mistake and have to adjust their life to the real world.(Noting wrong with religion and conservative, the wrong one is human being)

Like I have said, they are fragile(pity pity). The only thing to heal them is LOVE. They trow hatred to you, you give love back to them. That's the only chance. when your heart filled with LOVE, it's nothing to protect anymore.

But what I've said is just a theory because frankly, I still hate them.period!

I hope someday, I will be strong enough to give love back to them, but not now!! All the thing you said, I agree. Bhwaa hahaha.

now you know.

dazedblu* said...

i strongly agree with your thoughts, i think gay men should also have the privilege to do or take such same sex marriage.

but for me it's fine to have a genuine relationship with my man, i don't really consider a same sex.. but for the sake of fellow dear, for me there shoould be a legallization for that matter.

empress maruja said...

I guess those politicians are afraid that they be burned in hell if they allow such laws, as if they go to heaven anyway.

chase said...

here... here...

we should have the same rights as married couple do.

as for the religious aspect, they should shush!. the church should not meddle in politics.