Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful Kiss

I could feel her breath upon my neck,
Gentle soft and sweet.
Her soft supple lips caressing my skin,
Her fingers running through my hair.
I breathed in deep,
Taking in every part of her.
My hands upon the gentle curve of her lower back,
Holding her close.
I feel her breasts press against mine,
Firm, soft.
Her lips traveling to my clavicle,
As she gently glides her hand
Up and
My shirt, tracing my spine
Fingering the small cold clasp
Finding their way up and under the elastic.
Her fingertips dancing around my nipples,
Teasing and enticing.
As they become erect with anticipation.
I sigh and entwine my fingers in her soft black hair.
Our hearts now beating strong,
She gathers the cloth of my shirt
And gently lifts it
up and
my head. I do the same to her.
Wild now with fervor she grabs me and
Pulls me close.
Hard, forceful.
Our hearts race as her fingertips unhook the clasp,
Lower the straps down,
Off my shoulders and down my arms.
Placing her soft hands on my now bare shoulders she kisses my breasts,
Glorifying every inch of my body,
Her lips trail up my neck and to my ears,
There she nibbles softly.
Our lips again meet in a hot passion,
Our breaths harder,
Our heart beats quickening.

She unbuckles my belt as I unbutton her pants.
Simultaneous zips change the beat.
Guiding me with her kiss,
She guides me to the bed.
Never do our lips part
As we shed our cotton cocoons,
To reveal our soft,
Vulnerable bodies.
I feel her skin,
Soft, warm, supple.
Our eyes meet, our lips part
Her eyes wild, beautiful.
I follow her gaze as she
Travels down my body.
Her fingers slip under the strap of my thong
Lifting it, pulling it,
Drifting down my thighs,
Past my ankles,
Onto the floor.
She smiles up at me.
Entrancing, mysterious, seductive.
I sigh with eagerness.
Her hands glide up my legs,
Over my thighs.
Her fingertips linger by my pelvis,
Guide themselves up my sides.
Her lips kissing my stomach,
She begins to bite and suck,
Then her lips trial up my torso,
Between my breasts,
And up to meet my lips,
Parted and ready.
I sigh.
Her fingertips begin to dance and sing
Between my legs.
Tenderly caressing and massaging.
Our bodies press together hard, passionate.
A voice escapes me and
Mingles with the stars,
As she enters inside of me.
Gentle, firm, methodical,
She feels me inside,
Gazing into my eyes,
Looking for my soul,
Trying to reach my heart.
I throw my head back and moan in ecstasy,
As she continues to massage and feel me.
Pressing her body hard against mine,
We move with the same fluid motion,
With one heart, and one mind.
My nails scratch into her back,
As I hold her tightly.
My fingers running through her hair,
Holding on to her desperately.

Her body lifts from mine.
Once again she gazes into my eyes,
And kisses me.
Her eyes widen and she smiles big,
As she feels my fingers slide down her abdomen and enter her.
She is warm and wet,
Wanting me, yearning for me.
Together we flow as one, moan as one,
Moving in unison.
Our bodies hot,
I kiss her neck and shoulders,
And taste her saccharine perspiration.

She lifts her body from mine,
Her fingers leaving me, and mine leaving her.
She kisses me,
And moves down my body.
Her tepid wet saliva trailing down my body.
Slowly she kisses my stomach,
My pelvis,
Slowly, teasing,
Heading toward her destination.
She places her hands on my hips,
I moan,
She kisses.
Softly, then forcefully.
Sucking, licking, nibbling.
She massages my thighs,
I breath hard.
My voice gets stronger.
My soul sings and my heart pounds.
She glides her right hand up my side,
And it interlocks with mine.
Sucking, licking, nibbling.
I squeeze her hand hard,
And licks harder in response.
Her fingers join the dance.
Her tongue and her fingers working as one,
Heightening my senses.
Breathing harder, louder,
Flowing faster, stronger.
My eyes widen and a smile erupts on my face.
I cry out.
My body shudders with pleasure and ecstasy,
As I reach my peak.
My heart pounding uncontrollably.
My chest heaving up,
She slows, then stops.
She slides her body back onto mine.
We breath hard together,
As we hold each other.
Our skin touching, caressing.
We gaze into each other’s eyes,
Merged now, our souls, as one.
Our hearts beating in unison,
Our minds in tuned with each other’s.
We smile and bask in each other’s warmth.
Our limbs entwined in each other,
We know,
This is right.


For obvious reason ive been writing my Homoerotica focus mainly on the man to man love. But this time, im writing on a different tone. Well, not really that different nor afar from what my Homoerotica is written except that this time, it is about the girl to girl love. I remember a lesbian friend asking me to write about something like this for her. So here it is now.. I just hope I captured their stories.


joy-joy said...

you are a genius khalel. this piece is well-written. u captured it dude. beautiful kiss it is. u sealed it with a beautiful line "we know, this is right"

great job!

Anonymous said...

tama yan khalel. w2w naman :-)

anabel said...

Reading this got to me. Brought back some similar moments. Guess you captured something.

khalel said...

Joy and Anabel, Thank you.

khalel said...

josh, salamat po! c",)