Friday, July 06, 2007

Working Out

He grinned as he felt the other male rub shower gel onto his back, any excuse to touch each other more. As the water ran down over his skin he felt the other guy move closer, feeling his exposed cock push against his ass. As the two enjoyed the moment, they became more and more aroused, soon both were hard and engaged in a kiss. Time went on and they looked at each other knowing they had better head off home to their girlfriends, so they grabbed their towels and wrapped themselves and headed round to the lockers. After getting dry and dressed, they said their goodbyes and one left leaving the other to finish getting changed. As he pulled on his shirt, he cringed slightly still feeling slightly damp on his back his shirt clung to him. Standing in his open shirt, socks and skin-tight boxers, he heard a shuffle behind the lockers, not realising anyone else was in the changing rooms he walked round the corner to inspect. As he rounded the corner he was slammed backward against the cold metal lockers, his arms forced up beside his head, held at each wrist.

“So you like a bit of guy on guy huh?” He was asked, but before he had time to answer or even realise what was happening, the blonde stranger planted a powerful kiss on his lips. Watching as this new guy forced kisses upon him, he looked him over, and standing in just a towel, he decided he wasn’t complaining, so closed his eyes and returned the kiss. During this, his arms were released and his shirt was soon lying on the floor once more. Their hands all over each other, it wasn’t long before once again there was two hard cock’s in the room. More fondling led to both men ending up wearing very little (not that there was much in the first place)… the towel was soon torn from the newcomer showing off how well endowed he was, and the white, tight boxers on the other man would soon be pointless as they led their games towards the showers. The switch was hit and the water was running, over their firm bodies it ran and once the white material was soaked, it wasn’t long before his hard dick was visible through his shorts. On the floor, the completely naked guy grabbed the others’ shoulders and forced him down.

“Suck it!” He ordered, and was contempt as straight away he received the oral pleasure he wanted. Mouthful after mouthful he tensed in bliss until soon enough he was almost ready to burst. This time, he wrapped his fingers under his partners chin and brought him back up, kissing him again as he manoeuvred their bodies, so he was soon on top, straddling the other at the waist. Taking hold of his own penis he began to masturbate, already he could feel the tension building inside, and soon enough he covered his friend in patches of cum. Breathing deep trying to catch his breath as the water poured down over them he sat backwards, feeling the bulge of the other cock press against his naked butt. Grinning he began to move as if riding an animal, whilst his intentions were to masturbate the other guy between his ass cheeks. Soon enough, the boxers had been taken off and they had positioned so he was now really being buggered. As he rode the cock, both men groaned in pleasure, and as the pace quickened their moaning became louder. They finished just in time as another gym member came in for his shower. The two showered, dried and as they were getting changed exchanged a few words before leaving.

“Next week, tell your friend to hang around for a while, more’s always fun!”



Well, Ive been hearing countless stories about Gym "routine"

So I think you guys cant relate to this one. lolz!


Riki The Dark said...

oh yeah...the gym...more action than meets the eye...(***grins***)...

fruityoaty said...

That was hot.