Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Invasion Experience

"The Deranged Lover"

Maybe some of you are wondering (or maybe no one really bother - lol) why there hasnt been any new post - poems, short stories and other melodramatic entries this blog is notable for. It is given that I am a finalist for the G4M Last Model Standing but aside from regular work, I got myself into more funnier situation and found myself doing a stint for iportr8s.

Oh yes, a modelling stint for the group of iportr8s, my first for the serious photoshoot actually. And when I say serious shoot, I mean a studio, make ups, lights etc etc.

Ethan, the creative director for the group drop a message in my multiply asking who is the "model" in one of my album photo taken by JT. So i did replied and told him its me. Then he asked me to check a scheduled shoot in their calendar and asked me if im interested. I said, okay - i will give it a try (though I am hearing Jed and Roy at the background saying "you narcissistic bitch!" lol)

So the day of the shoot came.

SATURDAY, August 23, 2008 - DPI Photo Center, Astoria Plaza, Makati City

Photographer: Migs Ortiz Luis
Art Director: Ethan Yamamoto
Stylist: Pib Cap
Assistant Photographer: Tonyo Payomo
Make-up Artists: Pat Largoza & Vee Panes
Hairstylist: Dianne Fernandez

So what do you think guys?
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Legolas said...

That looks very deranged indeed.

Marion said...


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Fable Frog said...

don't you just love being at a professional photoshoot with proper make-up and lightings etc? makes you feel so glam! thehehe Nice photo indeed!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I've seen this somewhere in Multiply.