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G4M LMS: Round 3: The Anime Look


Congratulations ! You have truly worked harder this time to come up with an entry worthy to be on top. Most of the judges saw the creativity and the element of surprise you gave in this round even if you partly covered your face. Keep it up and try to stay on top.


This round has given the judges another set of mixed critiques which truly depended on their preferences and backgrounds. Most of you got the certain look we were looking for but somehow lacked a few elements to be on top. Nevertheless, you are all advancing to the next round. Just remember that your projection is always important to the theme being presented. It will either break you or put you on top. Try to experiment and take calculated risks. Graphic manipulation should complement the overall look of the final entry. Research is very much crucial.


We truly regret to inform you that you are at the bottom rank this time. The judges had a hard time giving you the scores for this round given the fact that you have been consistently on top from the two previous rounds, specially since you also got the Category 1 Top Model Award. The look could have been good had it been for the questionable (and controversial) placement of your head on top of the figure shown. As much as we would like to believe it was not edited, your overall shot didn't make it in. This is your weakest entry. With that, you have been eliminated.

Thank you very much for joining this cycle. We hope you enjoyed your stint and learned from it. You will be receiving your Category 1 Top Model Prize on the end of this cycle - during the awards night.

Here are the judges critiques for the Round 3 Entries:


Better entry than the previous round. Eventhough you look like you are really doing the runway and have a polished look, a lighted cigarette on your right hand was a bit disorienting unless of course you are promoting a fashion show cigarette company sponsor. Projection was a bit safe and commercial. Strive harder on the next round. Keep up with your competitors. Interesting manga lay-out though it's not actually necessary.

I am pleased with the overall concept. Though tame, I am partial to reality shots. The entry says it all, Kudos. You have submitted a very clean presentation and you have highlighted the best in you. Now I can see the model. A very handsome model indeed.

Lucky for you that you presented different profile pictures on the side w/c made it a 50/50 performance, half good and half bad. The comics set-up and Japanese inscription is a nice touch but your over-all look and pose is too common except in your turtle neck profile shot.

The use of frames on the left side of the photograph emphasizes the common knowledge that anime originated from Japan as illustrations for comics. Such information, however, is not reflected in the photo on the right which recreates in live form an anime character as the model appears more of a party animal on his way to a night's gimmick in a hotel. Animation requires a lot of abstraction which cannot be found in the flat concept and drab execution.


If without the japanese texts written, I would not thought of it "anime-ish" . There are just some points that are missing in this picture. I can’t understand japanese, but I know it’s japanese, you could have given your 100 percent to pull this one, in terms of projection. I thought you lack intensity in your eyes, its boring to watch, a not so bad but definitely not the best from the bunch. But all in all I like The picture, its as if ripped from a manga magazine.

Playing safe again but a much better entry than the last 2 rounds. Try your best to work out your round 4 to be able to stay in this competition. It would have been cool had you used your other outfit instead. You should have removed the lighted half cigarette and the red carpet to be able to convince the judges that you are strutting on the runway and not in a red carpet affair. Overall, the manga style of presentation though not necessary managed to give you some scores, but it could have been best if you concentrated on making your runway shot more anime. A smiling look though is a fresher way to be different in the runway but nevertheless it didn't advance you in the pack.

HIGHS: Polished look. Manga style lay-out, safe model's projection
LOWS: cigarette accessory, red carpet runway, concentrated more on the lay-out than the actual runway shot.


You totally differentiate your look again coming from your boyish look last round to the girly-girly anime look. You took a chance here and I totally dig your shot being in character. Nice projection, though you could have done away with the neon special effects and the awkward arm calisthenics.

I don’t know what happened but there is something wrong here. You were not your usual self. I cannot even distinguish you at all. Either I am not familiar with what kind of anime you were projecting or I must be blind. The psychedelic concept looks good though.

You are consistently nailing the concept but your projection is getting weaker each round. I am sensing that you are trying to be fierce but don't forget that you need to engage us w/ your eyes. You are looking too much on the side w/c made it hard for me to feel the full impact/intensity.

This model understands what anime is. The use of purple electric lights that runs all over his body and the graphic manipulation of double imaging or shadowing attest to that assertion. However, the "girl" in this photo is too much of a "boy" with oversized breasts. Anime characters are "feminine" when they are females and "masculine" when males; androgyny cannot just be inserted into the anime discourse without ruining the concept.


You know how to work your eyes, you know exactly what you want, but sometimes I feel like you are exaggerating a bit. I am just not convinced that you are claiming this character yours, and I do not see runway, and try to be flexible. You can be deadly glamorous even if you are looking anime. Looking at this photo, you simply pose, and that’s it. This is anime alright, thanks for the purple aura surrounding you. , then again, this is not a bad picture.

You could have opted for a more fiercer outfit that would match the make-up. Would have loved to see your face than a side view… and what's more disorienting is the placement of your hands. Better work out the magic again and surprise everyone.

HIGHS: Different look (girly-girly), neon effects
LOWS: awkward arm posture


Somehow, I see your attempt on trying to be different in your poses though I'm actually hoping you'll push yourself some more to go out of the box. Would have loved the look if only you didn't use flipflops but actually used boots. A graphic marking on your chest would have made your look a bit fierce and would have complemented your metal neckpiece. The giant fan was an interesting add-on though.

You are improving round by round. I can see a different you. Your photo draws the viewer to the effort you took in this shoot. A little bit off on the anime side, but you are very discreet in showing the anime, and took on highlighting the accessories. As for you, you are just simply being you.

Last week I was bored but now you are back on the game. I love your pose because eventhough it is a strenuous one, you made it look relaxed and easy. I just wished you tilted your head downward because the angle of the camera does not work for you but rather against you.

This is more of a punk pic than anime. It is not clear what kind of character the model is portraying in this photo save for the huge Japanese fan on the background. Characters derived from comics illustrations, once brought to life by models, are more colorful and unique.


Nice extension of leg right there, and you are simply displaying what might you can do, but not totally showing it all. That boardwalk can be a runway, but you didn’t use it well, its not even glamorous to look at. I like what you did with your head, you tilted a bit, and extending your neck, adding some length.

If not for the humongous fan, I find your outfit lacking with something. You could have added some fierce elements like body art to complement the eye make-up. Eventhough your pose is a bit different from the rest of the entries on the ramp you chose, it actually worked in your behalf. Better entry than the last time. Keep on working it Njames.

HIGHS: Effective pose & projection (though a slight lowering of the head tilt could have sufficed)
LOWS: come up with better accessories and footwear to complement the look


It could have been a good anime runway shot but it looks like you lost your left hand here. It would have been better had you just kept the long jacket on even though its opened. Loved the scarf though.

Now, there's the drama. I will not mind the editing. It subtly shows that the world is your runway. The eyes, though awkwardly projected , has been your strongest strength. The choice is superb, I must say. This is confidently saying that "I am this persona" and you succeeded.

I think you should start getting naked again because this picture is very weak compared to your previous entries. The concept was not clear and the projection is dead. It does not titillate me literally and figuratively speaking.

An intelligent rendition of anime. On the background is Da Vinci's perfect circle; at the foreground is a male character whose upper torso is divided between nakedness and formal attire. However, the suspended robotic motion does not fit well into the dynamic circle and therefore lessens the impact of a zombie-like projection of the model.


Nice that you did some little drama in your eyes, together with your arms, it displays supremacy. But it’s not as impressive as it should be. When you made this shoot I believe you wanted to create a picture depicting an anime character, and you did, simply anime looking picture and nothing more. This is not glamorous, and I can barely see the runway. Theme also should be advised to minimize manipulation of photo, you are not just judged by your projection, but the whole picture submitted.

Something is totally wrong in this entry. You seem to have lost your hand here and the face is looking dead than fierce (unless of course that's your point). It could have been good had your graphic artist minimized on the effects and gave you some accessories instead. If you get past this round, better concentrate on making your entry believable.

HIGHS: Very manly, dead-pan look
LOWS: too much graphic effects


You totally rock with this outfit and you look quite different from the khalel we've been seeing. Eventhough I could not see your whole face, your overall projection is quite good in a mysterious kind-of-way like you are really doing the strut on the runway . Fashion is very couturish-anime. You hit it good for me. Keep it up!

Wow! Very fashionable. There is motion. There is energy. You are every inch of a model. Showing your eyes proved effective. But I cannot see the character. Only an ordinary character.

You stepped up in this round from conceptualization up to execution. Your picture is the perfect example of what I want to see in Oni and Rafe's picture. This is the exaggeraterd version of Oni's turtle neck and this is what I want Rafe to angle his eyes, not too much outside of the camera's direction.

The model succeeds in recreating an anime character of his own: the colorful attire, the bizarre eye makeup, the punkish hairdo, and the special amulet swinging on his right hand. The photo is high-fashion enough yet anime indeed. Good job, Khalel!


This is cunningly fabulous; this show was taken when you are making your walk in the runway. The Character is there, the dress looks good on you. Stunning display of weapon ( if that’s what it is) and ready to whip your challengers. This Round is definitely yours to take. Nice JOB!

I so love this look. It somehow reminded me of an actual fashion show. You could have chosen a better background on the sides to complement the glass (or metal sheet) runway. Keep it up. You nailed it man !

HIGHS: interesting outfit and projection
LOWS: Would have liked the make-up had your face been shown


Outfit looks somehow edited though I will give some points for the effort of coming up with a rather amusing anime entry without so much effects like the previous ones. I guess it's somehow hard to be on the top of the batch. Simplicity of your projection in this entry is quite commendable compared to the previous entry.

This is your weakest entry. Though simple, I can only find merit in your color combination. Nothing else. Maybe, things have not fallen into place. You lost the fierceness, and ended up stale in your projection.

The only anime in this picture is the belt and the use of colors. The picture looks rushed and not fully edited w/c made it look more of a puppet rather than a model. This is the weakest performance as compared to your previous entries.

A model on the ramp, not an anime character.


This is not your best, if I have to compare your previous Entries. I was actually excited when this theme was announced a week ago. I thought you can do this effortless. I was expecting too much maybe that I’m a lil bit disappointed. Nice projection, as if taking the walk. Eyes are projected nicely, and I’ve never thought rock-lee can be that fabulous. Nice.

Somehow you chose to simplify things compared to the last 2 rounds you did. With that, you lost a bit of your sparkle. Save for the outfit colors and your walk, this is just a safe entry for you. It also looks like your head has just been placed on top of the outfit. I hope you will come up with a better entry for the next round.

HIGHS: Simple yet colorful
LOWS: Your head looks like it was just placed on an existing model doing the walk


Interesting overall shot, clean yet stylish. I just don't like the shoes though, it's kinda boring. Would have loved it if only you had worn the boots you used during the recycled fashion look. Nice projection, looks like you are really doing the actual show. Surprise us some more.

I do not know. I like it and I don’t like it. But I like the vividness of your background. As a model, you are improving on the projection. But it is still short compared to your peers. I like the outfit. It is fashionably comfortable. And I am not sure if this adhered to the theme at all.

I like the background and even the choice of outfit. The idea of flipping the end of your coat is brilliant because you captured motion. You almost have everything except for a good make-up and hair stylist to further enhance the Anime look.

There's nothing anime here. The clothes worn by the model can be seen worn by anyone else any day. There is something special and unique with anime characters that the model failed to hit.


Fierce, and sexy. Your lips always get in the way every time I look at you. And you complimented it well with your fierce eyes I like the whole picture, and its clean looking. Nice Job.

This is a refreshing entry and it actually looks like you are doing it in the runway. Loved the movement of your coat. It would have been much better had you used a more daring eye make-up and hairstyle to have that anime look. A knee-high kind of boots could have also worked with the outfit. Try to change your look and go out of the box. An element of surprise might make you soar on top of the pack.

HIGHS: Nice overall look - fresh and clean. Work it out some more girl !
LOWS: You could use some more make-up and a new style for your hair to complement the look.


Better entry, commendable effort. I actually liked the shot. It looked somehow like a ramp show (nice touch with another person also strutting away in the background). A bit nationalistic touch with the shirt graphic, nice arm and face markings, vivid colors ... overall look was simply amazing. Great work !

Boyish… and cool…. And apparently, very relaxed. But I cannot find the theme. But you are just wonderful.

I believe you nailed this picture and your execution is simple yet original and there is harmony. The outfit and background blends well and the setting is relatable. The Filipino influence and smoking is a bad combination in reality but in this picture it is perfect.

Well, the Olympics is almost over and the Philippines failed to enter even the finals of any category; the same with the model who failed to comprehend why he is in this competition.


You are too cool to look at. This is pure personality right there. You claimed well the character. You took it as yours, not that glam but strong. I like this picture. I love the cool blue theme, I love how you projected, Nice eyes. This, among the bunch, is the most believable for me. I like how it’s done.

The other refreshing entry for this round. Except for the balding guy in the background,( which I was hoping was stylized to complement the whole shot to make him more like part of the show), the coolness and attitude of the model was evident. A nationalistic flavor combined with the japanese blade and body markings made me believe that anime was infused in this look. This entry can actually pass for an actual runway show look. Good job!

HIGHS: Nice color combination with the outfit and the shot
LOWS: You could have edited the background guy's hair so as to complement your shot/walk and not be a distraction.

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