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G4M LMS Round 4: The Retro Glam Look

Round 4 : "The Retro Glam Leading Man" Judges Critiques



In this category, we will be looking for models who will be able to create a certain character not necessarily their own but a character they will own. We are looking for expressions that will bring out the model's flexibility from downright fun to classic sophisticated charm, all in the spirit of fashion and glam.



The photo must show the model in a FASHIONABLE CLASSIC RENDITION / POSE like that of a 50's Hollywood leading man (like Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, etc.). The model should be able to create his own look and not copy the existing pegs of the celebrities. The photo should show the model as if he was a contemporary of the 50's movie era. ENTRIES FOR ROUND 4 MUST BE IN BLACK AND WHITE WITH A WHITE BORDER.


Here are the Judges Critiques for the Entries:

Finalist 1 (Oni)

Highs: Great Facial projection. Nice editing.
Lows: It was just alright for me.

I can see that you focused so much on projection, which is a good thing, but you missed on having a fashionable look. The picture looks old instead of being class and classic. You need to be cohesive.

Are you just trying to get this round over with? And this one almost look the same as your first entry. Its not too interesting, and its boring. The sepia, and All, Clothes and hairstyle, worked for you.

Now, remarkably improved. I like seeing you in that pose. The gauntly etchy lines at the border of your photo simply evokes the feeling that it is very old. Short of saying amazing, your picture is one of the best entries in this round. You looked as if you were really born from that era. Very realistic!

It lacks retro-glam appeal. It could have been better if the hair was combed neatly in a pompadour.

I don't get the feel of the '50s from this photo despite the rendition in sepia. The model's sparkling youthful eyes were swept away by the zigzag lines on his '60s long sleeves and the floral cushion on his neck. It is neither fashionable nor classic; merely a rendition in sepia when what is required is a photo in black and white.

If it is purely technical, your entry would have been disqualified since it is specified that the entry should be in black & white (and not sepia). Good thing you gave some effects of the picture being really old and your pose was quite ok. I would like to see a more vibrant look (like that in your audition pics) on the next round if you get past this round.

Love the old picture effect. Pose was a bit safe but interesting enough. Would like to see you in a more out-of the-box look.

Finalist 3 (Rafee)


Finalist 4 (Njames)

Highs: Nice smile.
Lows: It doesn't even look old. The model looks old. I don't like the photo. It's not even compliant to the theme.

Where is your entry? I think you submitted the wrong picture. Next!

I am reminded of the practice of giving pictures with dedication at the back or at the front and yes, it simply depicts the practice of those times. Except for the cool projection and the dedication, I cannot relate how this photo became a part of the 50s.

I was hoping I'd see something like "The King & I" Where is Yul? The photo is good but it doesn't look retro.

The '50s is marked by opulence especially in the US when the country was still on a roll from the spoils of the second world war and emerged as the new global power. The model's toothy smile might have belonged to the '50s but definitely not his unglamorous dark-colored shirt. He should have looked for a pic of Yul Bryner as a source of inspiration.

Nice touch with the signature and MGM logo on the lower left portion of the entry. Smile was casual glam but the standing shirt collar as far as I’m concerned is not really a 50’s thing. You could have worn a much better attire.

Finalist 5 (Chris)

Highs: I like how soft your expression looks.
Lows: Boring.

I can see a leading man but you lack the Glam factor. Your outfit is wrong especially the shoes. The facial expression looks uneasy. The picture is lifeless.

This is safe, its not the best But average. This is a great Shot. You look lovely and handsome. That’s sort of aura leading man must have. Great.

I cannot find anything remarkable with this entry. I did not find anything compelling statement with the photo. One good though, is that the model is being natural and relaxed in his pose. And being a nonprofessional model, he passes with flying colors.

Nice shot … but where is my leading man?

Apparel badly worn. The model seems to have lost his sense of fashion in this photo. The penchant for not wearing socks was not an attitude of the period. It is more of the here and now than the '50s.

Bad angle of the model in this shot. What happened? Looks like you gained weight and what’s with the no socks look?

Finalist 6 (Khalel)

Highs: Nice contrast.
Lows: it looks creepy to me. Bad photo…

The editing looks nice because you look iconic but it also reminds me of a post card of our National Hero. I just wished your hair is not parted and turtle neck is not a 50's touch and feel. I also would have enjoyed the picture if you used contrasting outfit like a Black and White.

Its all about the face are we? Its not my favorite, but it looks old alright. The thing is, if you submitted a whole body picture, it would have given you wide playground for creativity for this certain round.

Very vintage. The entry is exciting, though simply executed. Seems as if we are thrown back to the era of the 50s. I like the simple lines and the faded texture of the photo. Simply amazing.

mmmm… it doesn't look so hollywoodish but Khalel looks retro … Did you use Tancho Pomade? Hahaha … reminds me of the Japanese models in that barbershop where my dad used to bring me for a haircut … circa 60's … hahaha

This is neither Cary Grant nor Gene Kelly but Rogelio dela Rosa brought back to life. Save for the creases on his turtle neck and suit, it is picture perfect.

Retro yet looks a bit creepy with just the head shot and those eyes. It could have been better if this is a whole body shot. Work it some more Khalel.

Finalist 8 (Maki)

Highs: Great facial expression. I didn't think you could pull this off but you did.
Lows: I don't like the editing.

Your edge over your competitors is your commanding presence infront of the camera but again I did not like the hairdo and outfit. A plain polo will look better, shiny hair is a classic, and the nails should be cut short just for this picture. I like the cigar but a tobacco will help you look manly.

This One Looks more of a picture taken from A 1060's gangster Movie, and this is actually The first one MAKI submitted a more masculine side of him. That’s effort,

Fairly safe though I wanted to see more from you in this round. You however have a good projection and this is something different from your previous entries. You know how to play with your eyes now.

mmmmmmm… I just don't like the hair … like I've said you keep changing your clothes, not your facial expression and you could have given that hair a sleek look with pomade … combed it close to your scalp …

Hello, Rock Hudson? Good choice of clothes, bad hairdo. No leading man, too, ever holds a cigarette that way; it's either clipped between the thumb and forefinger or tucked way into the middle finger and the index finger. Your neck, your neck!

Interesting to see Maki’s male persona. Nice composition except for the hair which could have been more slicker and the cigarette which should have been a cigar / tobacco. Over-all it is a good concept for a bad-boy role for a leading man. Good work and transformation. Keep on working it.

Finalist 9 (CJ)

Highs: Great photo. I love the overall feel of your photo.
Lows: The facial expression is a bit boring to me.

This is the best picture amongst the entries in terms of theme adherence and originality. The outfit looks crisp and classic, the curtain and furniture looks vintage, and the total look is just phenomenal.

Now this is authentic, well almost. You look, you dressed up well, Your neat, and authoritative. That’s my leading man. Congrats, Claim this round yours!

Wonderful. Everything looks perfect from the clothes up to the accessories and the background. I think you may have made your mark on this round. I like your boyish charm. If makes one see that you are very very relaxed.

I love that gangster look, nice concept … but then your face look so boyish ...

Definitely a glam shot.

You nailed it for this round CJ. Nice concept and composition. Truly Retro Glam. Congratulations !

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