Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Last Model Standing

"the judges"

"the finalist"

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welcome you to the G4M - Last Model Standing Cycle 2 Competition Mechanics


Cycle 2 Mechanics

The mechanics of the competition proper are as follows:

1. Every week, the contestants will submit a photo of themselves based on the weekly theme. The deadline for the pic to be e-mailed to the contest coordinator is Saturday night, 9:00 PM. No pic merits automatic elimination. The e-mail addresses are glamworxproductions@gmail.com

The theme for the following week will also be announced every Saturday.

2. The judges' comments on the submitted photos will be posted in the blog and in the thread. Votes, however, will be submitted to the contest coordinator through either private messaging or e-mail. The judges will choose who they want to be the Model of the Week, as well as who they want to eliminate.

The judges must submit a 1st choice and a 2nd choice. Results will be primarily based on the 1st choice. The 2nd choice will only be used if a tie-breaker is needed.

In cases of a tie, the 1st choice will count for 2 points and the 2nd choice will count for 1 point, and the contestant with the most points will either be the Model of the Week or the eliminated contestant, as appropriate.

The deadline for voting is Sunday night, 9:00 PM. We're implementing a 2-strikes-you're-out rule. If you do not submit either your critique or your vote for any 2 of the rounds, you will be eliminated as a judge.

3. The contest coordinator will announce the Model of the Week as well as who is eliminated in a new thread, latest Sunday night 11:00 PM. A new thread will also be created for the new round.


Yes, I am one of the finalist in this Cycle.


for more details please log on to:

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dazedblu* said...

Thiz is funny but, pro na-check ko na rin yung links.. Hmmmm.

Goodluck Khalel :)

Fable Frog said...

oh i think you are the hottest~ :P good luck~

boying said...

Tsuy! Judges lang ba ang may say? Alang people's/member's choice?

Good luck dito.

khalel said...

fable frog, salamat. c",)