Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tres Años

Oh My God!

I actually almost forgot. Today marks this silly space of mine its Third Year! Whew! Yes! It has been three years or at least as the archive of this blog would suggest, I posted my very first article on this blog last October 04, 2004 and previously titled: Confessions of Cairo.

To be honest though, i didnt enjoy blogging way back as much I am enjoying it this year. I dont know really why. Maybe because I dont really anything about blogging (neither I think about it now anyway - lolz) back then. A friend of mine just inserted a blogging page for me to lined up all my poems and essays for the personal webpage cum portfolio that I am asking him to do. So this blog page is really accidental, so to speak. But hey, as I would always say, I AM SO PROUD OF THIS PAGE!

Fellow Bloggers, Friends, and Especially CRITICS - for and against what is posted here, makes me feel more and more proud of what this blog have become. From an accidental blog to a full pledge self sufficient and living blog that reaches to across the worLd (Oh Yeah argue with me with this statement) Hush and Listen, as I would like to believe, have reached its blog maturity. I am still awe by the figures and charts of this blog. Never did thought that people would actually read things written here especially mostly it is theme with melancholic thought, agony, despair and not to mention the poignant poems. But Hey, YOU GUYS are so fucking terrific! For that I will always be indebted.

and to my misery who have been my gasoline and conitnously fueling with the inspiration of sad thoughts, thank you for defining me everyday to be a better and bolder writer.

To all my friends who have been my inspiration in some of the Gay Eroticas (OOooopss! Better Scratch this one, they might not tell me their stories).

To All that have been and will be Finalist of The G* Spot Weblog Award, Guys You are the Certainly a GREAT BLOG, worthy of reading! Truly indeed you are all an epitome of true blogging!

To All my Co Authors at United SEA, Keep the Flame Burning!

And Most Importantly, To ALL my Faithful Readers,






HUSH AND LISTEN is now officially entering its Fourth Year. Better. Bolder. Sexier. Hard Hitting. So Watch Out!


dazedblu* said...

happry thrid year anniv on yer blog, I'm also proud of what you've gone so far... and to succession of the coming years.

I'd still remember the first time yew drop by on to my blog, and consider my page on yer G*Spot Weblog Award, I'm absolutely thankful that one get to appreciate my thought and so.. the cirque goes!

Congratulations and cheers, keep blogging and still HUSH and LISTEN :)

dazedblu* said...

Oh btw, i i wanted to ask yew a favor to help me out of lookign for potential model and actor, for my first work in photography and film development (rather production i mean) :)

hope to hear from yew.
again I [love] yer blog!

cant_u_read said...

Happy Anniversary, Khalel!

we will never stop supporting you so long as you never stop being true and honest to your blog.

Big Kiss! (wala pa kasing ring e! hehe!)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

All the best to this blog! Congratualtions on your 3rd year, Khalel.

BISEAN is proud to have a substantial link as yours. Well done.

Pisanu, Sofia & Morgan

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Oh! I retract that...BISEAN is not on your blog links. LOL

khalel said...

dazedblu, thanks!

Model? Ako na lang! lol

khalel said...

Rye, I will always be honored by your presence here at my blog! Cheers!

khalel said...

River, Sofia and Morgan! Thank you so much!

khalel said...

And no need for retraction! You guys are part of my link! and at my daily [b]read Please Check, THE BISEAN!

daniel henry said...

woah. what a blog. kewls...

Queer Ranter said...

Happy 3 years old from QueerRant. :)


Happy Third Year of Loyalty (to readers) , Memories (of life), Creativity (in words and photos) and above all, Success into making this blog universally known and unique. Celebrate with more years to come!

From a Dear Friend,

Live it. Love it. Rock it.

empress maruja said...

Happy blog anniversary, Mare!

Male Beauty said...

khalel - congratulations! wow, three years. what's that in Gay years? 27? he-he!

More power and keep going!

khalel said...

Thank you guys!

Kit said...

happy 3 years khalel. more to come surely? you are a great inspiration to me. hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Khalel! wow 3 yrs of blogging, congratulations! i miss ur homo santos posts! and kit is also celebrating his 1 yr! cheers to us 3 models, hehehe....