Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Asian Candies: Funky Ryuki

"Funky Ryuki"

PhYsIcAl FeAtUrEs:

Height: 172 cm

Chest Size: 30

Waist Line: 28

Shoe Size: 10

Complexion: Caramel White

"Sharp eyed, defined cheekbones and jawlines. Funky Hairstyles, brown hair sexy eyes and kissable lips this is what completes the spell of Ryuki!"

So Who Is Ryuki?

"hi... Im RyUki DaIgO KaMiKaWa..."

im a half JAPANESE and half FILIPINO...

i was born in HIROSHIMA JAPAN and was raised here in Philippines

...i was 3 years old when i came here in philippines(according to my mother)...i have 2 sisters namely ziehri and michiko...i have my nephew whos name is Shouhhei and im so proud of this kid becuase he is one of the cast of JU-ON THE GRUDGE (toshio the kid there)...

im living my life into the fullest...right now im busy with my career and into a matter of fact ive already done TV exposure...mall minor concerts...artist guesting...billboards...print ad endorsements...modelling...niway its not important just for you guys to know...ok...hehehe...

...nothing more nothing less. what you see is what you get...

frank, determined, aggressive, opinionated, and OC at times
But i like people who have loads of views about anything
they're the more interesting ones

...Naughty boy, cool…

I could be the nicest person you've ever met
The bitchiest person you'll ever meet
Or even, a complete asshole!

I could be seen as a lover, a player, or just a plain tease
Some would say I have everything laid out for me on a silver platter,
and that, I'm a spoiled bratt ...

"While others think that I'm the most generous person existing (waooo)
well It all depends on how you would like to perceive me
Im vain they call me supervain... "

Some of Ryuki's Endorsement as of 2007:

SELECTA ICECREAMS (at any 711 outlets)

BRATT HYPES (sm department stores)

PHILOSOPHY BOUTIQUE (SM Mall Of Asia 2nd floor)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've done a lot. You're also cute I must say. :D