Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here is a story related to me by a friend....

It is really Hot I tell you... So Be sure no one is sharing your computer while you are reading this one..

Read On....



It was about 10:30 PM on a Friday night. I was just on my way home from a party. I was really wasted and had to go to work early next morning. I decided to take a shortcut down an old dirt road I knew of so as not to get caught. The whole time I had been thinking of something that had happened at the party. Only about five minutes left til I get home, I thought. Right then, as if to snap me out of a dream, I heard a loud siren and those infamous, flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror. I stopped the car right on the spot as I figured hardly anyone else knew about or used this road. I was really surprised to even see this cop. Just my luck. After waiting for what seemed like a painfully long time, I saw the shadow of a bulky figure probably about six feet tall get out of the driver side door and slam it shut. As he came up to my car, he mouthed. "Any idea how fast you were going?"

"About 30" I reply.

"44 miles per hour in a 25 zone". I thought he has to be kidding. What will I hit out here? A wandering gopher? "License and registration." I scrambled for it real quick and gave it to him.

As I did so, I couldn't help but notice that this officer was a very handsome man. He looked to be of European descent with a nice tan, ripped physique, and baby blue eyes that could stare a hole right through you. He started to go to his car for a minute and then stopped. That's when I noticed a bulge in his pants that could in no way be what it looked like. It was just too big. I got out of my car for a second which got me a pissed off look from the officer at first. I go up to him with my hands in plain view and start rubbing one hand over the fabric on his bulging crotch area. "Are you sure there isn't some way we could work things out?" He then smiled as I dropped to my knees. He told me to get up and take off all of my clothes. I happily did so and he then proceeded to undress himself and lay his clothing on the hood of his patrol car.

"Cavity search! Assume the position!" he said in a maliciously playful tone. I do as told.

I'm thinking as this is going on 'Damn this is wild..I know there are fantasies where women get out of tickets this way all of the time. I was now going to share this fantasy with all of those wild women.

As I assumed the position on the hood of my own vehicle, I felt his hot breath and lips on my neck as his strong hands started to explore my body. "Open your mouth" he says and inserts a couple of fingers into my mouth feeling around. When he pulls his finger out, I suck it.

"Good finger" I joke.

"My dick will taste better" he says. He then proceeds to oil up my anal crevice and slowly sticks his entire hand up there much to my dismay. After a second of 'searching' he's done. "I think you can assume your original position now." I turn around and drop to my knees as he has just turned the lights to my car off and we are in total darkness. I reach towards his strongly muscular thighs, grabbing the backs and put my lips to the tip of his dick, sticking my tongue out to lick some salty precum from the tip of the head.

"Mmmm, you were right..this is much better" I say. His cock was huge, a monster. It had to be at least a good 12 or 13 inches and thick, too. I wondered whether I could take it all in. I then moved one hand to grab his balls and grabbed his erection in the other as I licked and kissed top to bottom slowly. Then I slowly inserted the head of his rock hard penis into my mouth as I pumped with my left hand while fondling his testicles with my right hand.

I was sucking hard on the head and could tell he was in heaven as he could barely keep his balance and his hands were lightly brushing my hair. I move my hands back to his thighs and start to bob as far as I can while keeping a good pace. He moans "OOooooAAawww God!.." *schlup! schlup! schlup! schlup!* As fast as I go, I still take the time to taste this monstrous beauty.

"Delicious" I thought. I don't want him to cum yet though. He stops me before he gets there.

"Now, I want you to assume the position again." I do so and he then moves behind me with the wet tip of his large cock teasing my eager fuckhole. I'm still oiled from the 'search'. I then feel his nipples against my back as he reaches around and plays with my nipples. Then he inserts about half of his throbbing monster into my well lubed backside.

I wince at first, then moan "Fuck yeah." He then locks his hips to mine and starts pumping me harder and faster as he kisses my neck and continues to feel up and down my front side. After giving me a minute or two to get used to it, he was tearing away at my ass like a man possessed, many times shoving the entire hot, sticky length into my quivering hole to the base. I cried "Ow!" or "Ah!" a couple of times, but it didn't stop him or slow him down a bit. Still, even through the pain, I was enjoying this tremendously. After all, not all pain is bad.

I then sensed that he was about to blow. I temporarily shocked him as I pushed back with all of my might to get him off of me. I dropped to my knees and pointed his erupting member at my open mouth. He came like a geyser, with some landing on my face and some into my mouth. He then told me "Get up, it's your turn." In a heartbeat, he dropped to his knees and took me in his warm mouth. I could tell that he had some experience as he kept a really good pace and control as he just let all the saliva flow.

Then all of a sudden "Aaaahhhh yeah!" I scream as I shoot my juices down his hungry throat. He then gets up and licks the rest of the cum from my face and kisses me hard. "What about that ticket?" I ask.

"What ticket?" He pats me on the ass and tells me to get going. I happily oblige, hoping that we would meet again one day. I wanted to say I'd be more careful about speeding, but it's so easy to lose track of how fast you're going.


scarlet mirage said...

damn. imma leave a comment for the sake of leaving a trace, but im actually totally speechless. oohh.. *blushes*

Moon said...

Whoa-hoa!I'm feeling something I shouldn't!

Anonymous said...

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