Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Minx

I feel hands on my skin again. The fear grabs a hold of me, and I almost scream… “It’s just me baby,” he says. The muscles in my body loosen, and I know what’s about to come. I stifle a moan of mixed pain and pleasure as he pushes his sex past the rings of muscle and deep to the centre of me.

I look at the clock. “It’s one in the morning. Couldn’t this have waited?” He bullshits a story about how he was watching me sleeping, and couldn’t wait any longer. Then he eases out a bit. I stifle a moan. “But what if your parents hear us?”

His beautiful hazel eyes gaze into mine. “Let them hear. I don’t care.” I just look at him. He pushes back in; there is no quieting me now. I moan. He smiles. I open myself wider, and give him access to the deepest parts of me. “You little minx.”

My eyes fly open. My breath hitches, and I push into his next motion. We slam together. His pelvis rams into my body and I scream loud. My whole body shutters, and his inevitable eviction from my warmth has arrived. He pouts, and kisses my cheek.

“What was that for?” he asks, slowly caressing my nipple. He nibbles and licks my neck lustfully. “Hmm? What did I do to you?”

“Am I really a minx?” I bite his nipple playfully, and trail kisses down his abdomen. My hands slowly bring his member back to a fully aroused state. “I would prefer something that didn’t imply that I was a slut, but I suppose minx is fine.” I sigh in ecstasy as he enters me once more.

“Oh. The minx likes that?” His motions quicken. He brings me to a fully aroused state. He kisses me passionately.

Then rolls onto his side of the bed.

My eyes fly open. “What… the hell… are you doing?” I seethe. “You can’t do that to me. Again. You did this last night. I can’t handle this shit.”

And yet he sleeps quietly next to me. Darkness wraps me in her silk sheets, and binds me down. I never was good at the sleep part of life. Insomnia is my closest friend in the wee hours of the night, and I usually find myself with a deep lack of sleep. Being hopped up on caffeinated beverages is my remedy.

Tonight I realize just how alone I feel lying next to the one who should fulfill me. So I quietly leave the bed. I pack my belongings quietly, kiss you lightly on the forehead, and steal away into the night.

Do you realize how much I truly cared for you while all I got was lukewarm feelings reciprocated? I wonder as I walk into the hellish night that has become my true existence.


I wrote this one for a friend.


scarlet mirage said...

man.. i juz love ur blog. really.. no ass-kissing here. c= mind if i add u on my links?. be well always.. and keep up the friggin' awesome posts! \:D/

khalel said...

scarlet, i will be honored. Cheers!

scarlet mirage said...

aww.. u dont have an idea how that made me feel. hehe.. i feel so flattered. thanks. c= keep bloggin'.. and i'll keep reading. ;)