Monday, April 23, 2007

young love

my mistake was saying i wanted too. I should have just...

Dropped to my knees in front of you, and unzipped your jeans. Silenced your protests with my lips. Filled my mouth with the warmth of you as you grew hard. Tasted the sweetness of you, your manly smell. Used my teeth, showed you things the girls before me never thought of, or didn't do right. Changed your mind.

your mistake was telling me you wanted it, and then telling me no. i should have just...

Slid into your bed, under the covers, and between your legs. Teased you with my mouth, taken all of you inside me. Swallowed your dick until you threatened to cum, and stopped. Taken my first kiss from you then, in the heat of climax.

I wanted you to be my first. You could have been mine.

Pressing your mouth against mine, your stiff cock promised entrance. Hovering, in slow motion, our eyes meet, speak so many words that no one will understand. Inhaled sharply as you broke into me, fought the pain to give you what you wanted, to give me what I wanted.

you waited too long, pushed me away, denied yourself

Dripping with sweat you thrust into me. Our bodies finding a rythm of their own, making sounds I had only heard in film. Drowned in extacy and need, neither of us aware of the outside world. Your movements make me explode.

We could have been more, you and I. should have...

Relaxed, a warmth fills me, a glow. Your movements quicken, deepen, and you cum inside me; a new warmth inside. And then you glow, more than you already did, you glow. And we collapse sticky, breathless, euphoric, into sleep, your flesh against mine.

when boys meets boys. lolz

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abssss said...

well hello there willy.. you're awake. lolz.