Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On Homophobia

This is a topic thats been weighing heavily on my mind alot lately, so Ive finally put my feelings on it into words.

I, like any free thinking and intelligent individual, think that gay marrige is perfectly fine and natural lifestyle.

But right now in our society, gay marriges and relationships being skewered daily by government, the catholic church and ordinary students, its easy to see how someone could get sub-concious homophobia.

Even some of my freinds, who claim to be pro-gay marrige will call someone a "fag" or a "dyke" because they screwed up or are acting like idiots, or say somethings "gay" because its stupid. I can say, without fear of contradiction, that i have NEVER used the words fag or dyke, and have never used gay in that context; and Iam very proud of myself becuase of that.

In my mind calling someone those names because they arent perfectly staight is like calling a black person "nigger" out of hate.

when I raised this point to a few of my friends they brushed it off say i was "thinking to much". Im not saying that theyre ignoring this makes them bad people, they are truly pro-gay marrigeand wonderful freinds, they just need to take better care when choosing their words.

Please remember that racism is defined as "when people are miss-treated, mocked or dishonoured because of race, skin colour or origin of birth, faith, or sexual preferences"

I hope that anyone who has that horrible habit will start making a more concious effort to change their behavior after reading this


if if this doest change our point of veiw, try making up better insults than "hows life on brokeback mountain" i cant count how many times people have used that one in the halls)


and please excuse the typo error... Ive been rushing every cell in my body this day... Argh!


savante said...

Well, you can't change the world in a day - guess you have to do it slowly and it's changing ever so surely. Have hope, my friend.

khalel said...

i am keepin all my faith, paul... i am keepinmy faith.