Tuesday, April 10, 2007


wash me, clean

Im Back from the Holy Week Vacation Guys! So where did I go? hmmm... Honestly, I spent most of the free time - SLEEPIN!

Jed and marco went to Marinduque for the Native Holy Week Festival. I wanted to go but I changed mah mind and opted to just stay home and regian some lost strength and energy. Good enough I was able to regain most of them. Boring as it may seem that at least I get to write new poems and stories for this space.

What really ever happen to my depression?

read on guys...

He quietly sang his song
While he was walking along a river
Through the valley of his broken dreams
He`s crying
Walking with the thought of dieing
Only he, The only one, Can save him...
From the dayly death
From the endless pain
From the emptiness inside

But he’s not by his side
With nothing to lose
Life’s no more what it seems..

..to be

He started running
And before his tears reached the bodom again
He jumped into the water
Closing his eyes
Washing his pain away...

He’s flowing with the water
Hoping he will find him
Forgetting his problems
He dreamed about their perfect love
Blinded by his thoughts
He didn’t realize his body growing cold
As he opened his eyes again
He was dazzled by a white light


He felt HIS warm touch on his cold dead skin


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abssss said...

i spent holy week at home too. ang ikli ng bakasyon..