Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unbreak Me

I cant really defined what i feeling rightnow. For days it seems that I am like floating on an air of such dubious strength. Admittedly, it is leading me into a state of depression - all in an instance i just felt sad about something i cant really point my finger at. That explains some serious poems on the recent post on this blog.

Also, I know there are a lot of you asking - WHO THE HELL IS CAIRO? Well for one, He is my alter ego. The Hard and Tough man within the soft persona of KHALEL. He is the daring one - the bold conqueror of my fear. If it is a good sign CAIRO started to surface again, that i do not know. Heaven knows I can only pray it would be for the better. One thing is certain, CAIRO is here to stay.

No, dont get me wrong. CAIRO is not that evil. He may be bold and daring but he is principled in every way.

I missed mantra.

No, he had not gone into any vacation or sort. It is just that we keep on arguing lately over little things possibly one can imagine. It is sad really. I missed his sweetness, his smile, his arms on me while we are sleeping, his passionate kiss. Damn! I missed my baby so much. For days I wanted him to feel that I love him so much. But maybe both of us is simply to stupid enough not to hear each other's heart.

I really feel so terrible about this, I hope everything settle done soon - for better or worse, I know both of us can only pray.

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