Monday, April 16, 2007

A Dance With A Devil

Cold blue sapphire glints in the night
And I am undressed
By eyes that have known lifetimes,
Years flashing past in seconds
As you are forced to exist in shadows.
You stand there, impassive,
Your body unyielding, uninterest
Choreographed to perfection.
For a second I see myself as if through ice;
Shivering limbs, my eyes two haunted pools
Of distrust, but still the flare of hope
Lives on.

You smile and desire coils within me,
Your meaning clear;
And the nights of endless wishing are
Finally bearing fruit.
Your gaze sweeps my body once more,
Slowly, languorously, sensually,
Your eyes strip me bare, and I am left naked;
Arousal staining my skin
While the sapphire melts to midnight.
I come undone with understanding,
The trust you show me that pleads to be

Sweat slicked skin slips and slides
In a sweet rhythm
That has me gasping, arching for your touch,
My voice unrecognisable
As it pants, begging you to possess me
As your kisses steal my soul
And I let it whisper away,
On breaths that are swallowed on moans
And cries that are smothered by mouths.
On this night I let you chase the light
Denied to you at birth, through the rebirth
Our coupling can bring.

With shaking hands, your fingers
Caress my skin, your own not truly alive,
Yet still it courses with passion filled fever.
This is my lover:
Frozen in time, suspended above me;
A man whose fear melts away
As I press our bodies together,
A slow building heat suffusing our limbs.
Forehead to forehead, nose to nose,
Black eyes look into blue: permission granted
To a silent request, and finally he slips

Nerves afire, my every sense attuned
As our bodies glide and merge
In this most intimate of ways.
Your skin burns me,
Where it touches so deeply within.
A shift of hips
And reality slips, trickling away as I
Drown in you: my perfect death.
Sharing breaths as skin cools, mouths
Meet as bodies part and I look up
Into the eyes that twinkle
Making me long to have the devil
Take me again.


Yesterday, I was taken into a vortex of sheer ecstasy. Damn, it was really a great 'dance' - i can still feel all the sensation lingering in my skin this mornin'!
ah, Paradis!

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yenfeng said...

That is a great picture.