Friday, April 20, 2007


...A few moments passed. The boy’s back was lightly scratched by the coarse brick, and his body grazed with sweat. He cringed feeling that enveloping heat that poured over him each time the man’s tongue passed over his sac. I can’t take anymore of this, the boy thought, frantically. He gasped, and cried out, his fingertips becoming red from the pressure against the wall. This is it!

The man directed his sight up, towards the boy’s face. The boy’s expression was so enticing, the man couldn’t help but grin once more. The boy was the image of innocents lost. His face was red, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth agape sending out strange and arousing sounds of pleasure. He came, loudly, as the man traced his tongue up his swollen shaft once again.

A long, thick stream of milky white erupted from the boy’s long taunted erection. He cried out, his body convulsing as his orgasm swarmed him. The man, quickly brought a hand to the boy’s pulsing appendage, and pumped his hands, in an attempt to all of the boy’s seed out. This only made the boy squirm and cry more, as his now sensitive and delicate member was being handled so blatantly.

The white cream went all over the ally-floor, and the man’s shoulder. He pouted, though barely noticeable. He took his shirt off, and set it on the ground, then stood up. The man was about six-foot, much taller than the boy. The kid couldn’t look him in the eye, and threw his head to the side, gasping and panting as he did (his orgasm was much stronger than he’d thought). His legs were shaky, and his body so frail. Why cant this all just go away, he demanded in his head.

A strong hand gripped the boy’s dimpled chin, and forced it to look center. The boy’s eyes were narrowed, filled with childish forlorn anger. As menacing as Satan himself, the man grinned. “The fun’s only just begun.” He said. The boy could see the man’s eyes now. They were a dark, hazy green which set off his dark five-o’clock shadow and his long brown hair.

The boy cringed, as he felt the man’s hand grip his chin a bit harder. The boy brought his hands up again, and tried to force the man back. Again, to no avail. The harder he pressed, the more evil the man seemed. The boy’s hands wandered up and around the man’s body, trying to find a weak point...there were none. Only ripped, bulging muscles were found. The boy was a tad aroused by the feel of it. His face fell docile, and quizzical. But, he then quickly remembered that this person had just defiled him in such an unspeakable way.

He threw his head to the other side, bringing his hands to his meek chest, and his head flooded with hate again. The man chuckled...he’d noticed the boy’s intrigue in his body, and now wouldn’t accept “no” as answer. He quickly grabbed the boy’s undone pants, and drew them all the way down, briefs and all. The boy was caught off guard, and gasped. The man turned him around, and forced him up against the wall. The boy had to struggle to get his hands in front of him, in order to stop his face from being too badly cut by the rough, unforgiving brick.

The boy groaned with anger again, grunting, now tears flowing to his eyes again as his phallic, still very tender, tapped the cold rigid brick. The grinned, as he slipped his index finger into his mouth. As he lubricated it, he let out a moan...a hot, long, deviant moan. The boy blushed, his tears still slowly flowing. The man slipped the digit out of his mouth. He quickly brought down to the boy’s other entry.

He teased the outer ring of muscle there, making the boy cry out in pain and pleasure. “No....please.” he whispered. The man just grinned again. After a moment more of teasing, the man slowly slid his finger into him. Deeper and deeper. The boy let out a long, light moan, and gasped. The boy’s body arched into the man’s finger, unconsciously wanting him to go in deeper. The man could feel his erection growing, wanting to “slay” an innocent thing...


the network server in our office bug down for three days... Maybe because of this blog... lol.

Anyway, here is a story inspired by a friend who would always tells me story about his sexcapade. No, i wont tell you guys where this place is... But I know some of you - including me, i guess have already been in this situation, in one occassion or sort! lolz

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