Monday, March 06, 2006

Finally, I am Moving On...

Last Friday after a series of exchanging text messages and phone calls, Manresa and I decided to meet up for a date (A real Date). Yes, people I am back on the ground dating again. Actually, I guess me going on a date was something phenomenal for me – ‘coz I really fucking going out on a date. Simply more than often it turn out sour and falls into a disappointment. So eversince, I only go out on a date when someone who really impressed me and I MEAN, REALLY IMPRESSED ME. Don’t hate on this, I don’t have any high standards or whatsoever, but certainly an X spot will make a difference.

I met Manresa on my long inactive and almost defunct G4M account. This account was on self imposed comatose state when I was still committed to Mimay.

Friday – March 03, 2006

The agreed day for us to meet for that date. Place: Malate Time: 10:30 PM

I was able to finished with work that night early, so I told myself there is more than enough spare time. So I decided to finally attend to a long overdue promise of coffee (two years overdue actually) to Aian (aka brew)with enough spare time, we decided to meet up at Bo’s cafĂ© at SM North EDSA to grab that coffee and afterwards go straight to Malate for my date. Then it occurred to me, Manresa has not been answering my inquiry of his whereabouts or are we to push thru with the plan because he was filed with works at his office. By the way, He is a 27 year old Litigation Lawyer and a Law Professor as well.

OMG! I think my date will not show up. Argh!

I was 5 minutes away from SM North EDSA when I received a message from Manresa, read….

Ei, I am so sorry… I fell asleep here in the office… Where are you now?

I am on my way to see a friend for a coffee first, I will go straight to Malate after this.. C u.

When I finally reached Bo’s and saw Aian again after two years, it is as if really that a certain bond between us was kept in tacked. I sat down, asked what he wants – finally agreed for us to get a red iced tea. Endless stories and exchange of thoughts of what had happen with our different lives for the past two years.

It is when I checked on my fone’s time that I fell bad, its almost 11 PM. Damn! I am late for my date.

Aian decided to come along to Malate with me, so we get a cab and rushed ourselves to Malate.

The cab parked at the Nakpil area, jumped out of it and split up. Aian to Rainbow Project and Me rushing to Starbucks along Adriatico where Manresa is waiting for me.

One short glance, on the place and there he is, standing on the porch of the coffee house and checking on his phone. When he lifted up his head… I said to him: “I am Khalel.” He just throw back a sweet smile as I apologize for being late. I was craving for pizza that night so we opted to go Shakey’s somewhere near the Rajah Solayman Park.

On the Table, terribly as it may seem… I asked for his real name, considering the amount of time we are exchanging text messages and phone calls there has not been a chance to asked for it, so I did. He extended his IBP Membership ID (Ate, confirm… He is a Lawyer by profession - lolz) there his name lies, A muslim name actually, annotating that both his parents are muslim, but he is not practicing one.

The Date when on Pizza and chicken, Pizza and adored majoe’s for me and chicken for him. (I am cutting on my chicken in take it causes my asthma attack). He is very articulate really, I enjoyed the thoughts that we can conversed about almost every single topic post before us. It was really great!

When we finished dinner we decided to get some drinks and join Aian in Raibow Project for a drink. There listening to good music and with bottles of SanMig Light we laughed the night out with anecdotes and stories. It is almost 4 AM when I decided to go home. Me and Aian actually where the first one to go out, leaving Manresa and his friend who decided to also join for that night to stay a little bit more.

I am back on the ground of dating. And Finally, moving on…

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