Monday, March 13, 2006

A Heart Unbroken

Stringing along memories of the past,
Evident in this shattered heart.
I vowed to myself never again
In my life, will it play a part.

Just when I thought I was over love,
Just as I was learning to cope.
Baby, you stepped in with an open heart
Telling me to never lose hope.

You came into this world of mine,
And taught me not to be afraid.
To my surprise, I realized
The pain began to fade.

Ever so slowly, taking its time,
My heart began to reveal
All the love that had been kept inside,
Waiting for something real.

So now we begin this journey,
Letting all our fears go.
Exactly where the road will lead us,
It is God that only knows.

So let's leave it in destiny's hands,
Let fate guide us thru it all.
Let's have faith that in the end,
Into each other's arms we will fall.

(Only a Rose will know... Only a Rose will know..)

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