Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maging sa Dapit Hapon (The Traslation)

When I posted "Maging sa Dapit Hapon" Paul of Bedtime Stories have requested for a translation. I did promised the guy that ill try to come up with one... Admittedly, I forgotten about it not until a recent reader of this blog tries to translate "Maging sa Dapit Hapon".

Impressive really and I really appreciate the effort especially when the guy wrtten his second stab of the translation to revise the first one he made. So to Paul and to Jimg29, allow me:

In the starless nights,
Unhappy times,
Unforgiving Hearts
of those persuaded by exhaustion
on verge of shattered glasses
decomposing woods,
impending uncertainty,
perfection of insufficiency,
In the absence of love
when guiding lights are unfound,
when twilight blaze the dusking sky
set the dying light ablaze
litburn the candle..
I will remain... I will Exist...
and I would Never be Forgotten.


Shout Back Guys!
But of course poems are beautiful on their original version as voices of the hearts move your hand to create something beautiful.


jimg29 said...

at last, I'm now certain for experiencing twighlight. this is like a journey unto itself and let me assure you that I'll protect and kindle the ember of your memory.

olever said...

I' like this

cant_u_read said...

jimg, you did a great job! i feel that you were able to stay true to the emotional content of the poem, its imagery and the "pulse".

i just personally like the filipino version more. it sounds more romantic and it feels more vulnerable than its translation.

kudos to jimg29!

and to you, khalel... here's a wedding ring. marry me?


D.A. Becker said...

Comforting, somehow.

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Clark Can't said...

Hey Khalel,

Favor po. Please change my link on your blog to, pa rin kasi dito e. TY!

Thirty3 Naeked Laydies said...

beautiful. moving.