Monday, September 03, 2007

Blog Shaney: Certified G* Spot

After a month and after 351 votes cast, the G* Spot Weblog Award goes to....

Ive been reading this blog, one of the best really... Congratulations Shaney!

Another thing about the August Award is that Daniel, the Desert Guy has ONCE MORE place First Runner up. So after conferring with the other facilitator of the G* Spot Weblog Award, cognizant of the importance of the votes of the readers of Daniel and his wonderful blog, we are giving him the honorary button to be one of the G* Spot Weblog Winner.

We know you are all one of us to say that Daniel, the Desert Guy deserves this.

So to both Shaney and Daniel, Congratulations Guys! Well Done!

Finalist for the September G* Spot Weblog of the Month will be announced tomorrow. Maybe its your blog turn to be in the list.

SO if you think you got what it takes or you want your fave blog to be in the list, please dropped us a line at We will be more than happy to take a peek at your blog!

Here is the complete tally:

Daniel, The Guy in the Desert 12% 42
The Pride Place 27% 95

A Frog's Point of View 8% 27
Mariposo 10% 34
Desires 6% 21
Cognitive Distance 8% 29
Marc Thommo 1% 2
I Deal With It 4% 13
The Asian eXhibit 11% 38
One Body Two Souls 8% 29
The Ministry of Pleasure 1% 5
The Drowned Glass 5% 16
351 votes total


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Khalel, I'm glad you're alive. Matagal ka rin nawala ha.

Anyhow, CONGRATZ to the winners.

khalel said...

Reyville, thanks! Medyo nagpahinga lang ng konti... if i have not I would chanting a very dangerous melancholic song... c",)

Shaney said...

Thankyou Babe...It was a nice gesture from someone who put me into the draw & even more lovely to know that readers voted...Thanks very much...xox
And yes I couldn't agree more about Daniel. He very much deserves the award.