Tuesday, September 04, 2007


During night time, you sleep and leave the world of disarray and madness for the dim lit world of mundane abandoned fantasies. Your body makes unconscious movements while you walk the world of reveries and illusions.

As for me, while the entire world is sleeping, I wait for my love. And together we’ll roam the vast night sky.

It might be the lonely game I play - the quest for blood or the sensation of my body splitting into two or the dizzy feeling I get in the first few hours of the day.

Here I go again…

Here comes the pain that is slicing through my throat and the blood that is beginning to gush. My eyes started to embrace the color of the night. Tongues of fire with temperature unknown to human measures began to lash my skin. Pins started prickling through each part of my belly as if slicing it.




And so the world slept and I conquered the world.

While the world was dreaming, I was on top of them all and I proclaimed, “Tonight my love, I offered you the world.”

The next morning, I woke up with my belly raging up with pangs of agony and pain. My throat feels rough and scarred and my tongue is all dried up. Every tinge of pain my body receives brings about bittersweet sensations that linger until the daylight fades again into the darkness that splits me into two.

Beside me lies a limb of an unknown creature with organs forcefully scathed out of its torn skin. The stench of this corpse irritated my nose extremely that I vomited a few paws and fingers. And so I rushed to the toilet with the feeling of regurgitation of the contents of my stomach and I give my best shot to dispose of it all. I cleansed my hands that were stained down to every bit of nail by crimson sticky solution.

My body is filled with a familiar scarlet substance, sticking its every entity with my skin. My stomach hurts like hell and I want to lie in bed for a few hundred hours. I was painfully exhausted.

For many centuries, I walked the world waiting for my love to come. All that came to me was things that guises as my love.

I conquered the world each night and offered to him the world.

And they said you had risen, while I was dreaming.

But then, I was, above all things, satisfied.


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chase said...

sleeping is practicing a happy death

D.A. Becker said...

Hmm, really nice one; very poetic.