Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Right

I’m staring into your beautiful eyes,
As we sit away from the world,
What people say about us is only lies,
There’s nothing wrong with me and you.

Gently I press my lips up to yours,
Knowing we’ll never be treated the same,
But I won’t hide behind locked doors,
My love for you is completely pure.

I know you’re a boy, and I am too,
But if you were a girl it wouldn’t be better,
You know it’s true that I’m in love with you,
But we still aren’t treated like that’s so.

Hold me close and hold me tight,
We can’t marry or be treated fairly,
But please, let’s never give up the fight,
This moment is perfect and so wonderful.

But one day the world will see us for who we are,
And know that there’s nothing strange,
They’ll grant us marriage everywhere, near and far,
We’ll one day be considered the same.

Though as I wrap my arms around you,
I know we’re pure and more in love,
Than any other two ‘straight’ fools
That’s all that matters between us.


utoy said...

I like it... meaningful...

Anonymous said...

That was an incredible writing. Truer words have never been spoken. If we all follow that. wouldn't it be great

Anonymous said...

As always a beautiful peace of writings, and where do you get all those pics? They are mind boggling. Also, congrates on being on the UNICEF website, and lastly thanks for the nomination. It's an honor.

khalel said...

Utoy, I never did thought your into poetry... hehehe... thanks for liking it... c",)

khalel said...

imphaldiary, you deserve it man...

thanks for the compliments! it has always been an honor to be noticed by a great blogger as you are! Cheers!

dazedblu* said...

i'm always moved with your werks like this, keep it up ;) love it!