Friday, August 03, 2007

The Officer

He crept backwards onto the bed, his lips still meeting with his companions. As he struggled to clamber backwards in the dark, he felt hands caressing his face, working their way down to his neck and then fondling with his shirt collar.

Soon enough, button by button slowly unfastened as more and more of his torso became visible in the dim light. Once his shirt had fallen from his arms, he felt a cool gentle hand run over his body as the passion lived on in the kiss. Soon enough he had voluntarily been forced to lie down against the soft bed sheets, his head resting on the pillow as his mate kissed slowly down his neck and onto his chest. His own hands beside his head rested before continuing his left arm to play in his lovers’ hair, his fingers softly running over his ear as he felt the kisses move further down his body, a warm breath of air against his stomach. The muscles in his body tensed with each cold kiss, even more as the excitement raced through his veins, then he felt soft lips running along his waistline. He could feel himself becoming more aroused with each passing second, and when he felt fingers messing with the button on his jeans he groaned quietly.

Once the clasp on his pants was released, he felt the other body sit upright, still straddling his legs, he watched as the light caught his partner, fingertips running over his own waistline and then gripping the bottom of his shirt as he too lifted his own top off. The muscles defined neatly in the shadows, and felt so good when he moved back down, body to body. As their lips met again in yet another breath-taking kiss, he felt the other mans’ hand run down his body, struggle slightly to find the zip on his jeans and then slowly begin to rub at his crotch. By now he was getting so turned on he was already hard, and felt extremely horny as his cock was massaged by the strange hands which were now climbing up slightly to then dig deep into his boxers. As he felt the material of his underwear lift from his legs, it was soon replaced by the touch of skin from his male companions palm as he wrapped his fingers lightly around his penis.

Beginning slowly, he felt as his mate began to masturbate him. Closing his eyes, his bit softly on his lip as he felt things speed up. Hearing a teasing snicker he opened his eyes to see two blue eyes staring straight back at him, the light through the window shimmered in spiky black hair, but nothing was being taken into account apart from the growing sensation deep in his pants. Soon after he felt their bodies separate as his partner went down on him, finger curling around his jeans and boxers, they were slowly pulled from his legs, then his cock was teased with the touch of the same soft lips which earlier caressed his chest. He gripped the bed sheets as the blowjob continued, a withheld groan with each suck, a lip ring also adding sensation to the oral masturbation. Unable to control himself his hands desired something to clench, with nothing else around, he once again returned his hands to the other guys’ head, pushing, as if forcing his partner to ‘work’ harder.

Time went on each time he felt the lips draw near to the head of his cock, and the feeling inside him expanded, soon ready to burst. His breathing became faster and his lip began bleeding when he bit down too hard, his muscles tensed with a spasm until he finally lost control over his body and the feeling of bliss swept over him. Sweat rolled down his body as he felt his heartbeat beating fast beneath his ribs, the pulse in his penis throbbed too, and he caught his breath as he watched the naked torso of the other man rise once more, hearing a swallow he cringed, but he was too overwhelmed to care. He closed his eyes once more as their lips met in one final kiss; the blood glistened when he watched his mate sit back.

As he lay there he felt the other guy search over the bed for his shirt and then crawl off the bed as he began to dress himself. With his shirt now on but not fastened up the front, he then walked towards the door, as it creaked open, the light from the hall shone in and the boy watched as he turned back.

“Not bad for a first timer…” he smirked as he reached for his officer’s badge and left, shutting the door behind him.

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Queer Ranter said...

You sure are gifted when it comes to writing.

Kudos and I want more~~~ :P