Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Taint my virgin lips

In a bed of blue roses

Bathing in a pool of summer

Misfortune brought upon to whoever opposes

Affections considered taboo

Must remain hidden

Those who see through this act

Deem this love forbidden

Perhaps it is merely a fling

A lustful fit of passion

Or maybe the heart has grown fond

With equal exchanges of compassion

For what reason shall these two

Young lovers be to blame?

We all must be held in someone’s arms

Experience the feeling of thy heart aflame

If thou disapprove, turn away

Do not speak words of chagrin

For these two lovers know well enough

That their love is sugar-coated with sin

What is hiding under the veil?

Shadows intimately posed

Lost in their own dream world

Their secret waiting to be exposed

Heal my jaded lips

In a tomb of black roses

Drowning in a pool of winter

Death to the one who opposes


cant_u_read said...

death to the one who opposes or his own share of a lustful fit of passion --- so that he may fathom. and no longer oppose.

Anonymous said...

a luv na parang "U & me against d world!"

empress maruja said...

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dazedblu* said...

never mean an oppse but it's true.. a dark passion for love will mean to an endless death of sorrow, hmmm

chase said...

this is so deep.
wala akong masabi

khalel said...

Hush and Listen Guys... Hush and Listen...