Friday, August 03, 2007

Maging sa Dapit Hapon

Its been awhile since i wrote up something in Filipino. Not that I dont appreciate the language, because and i am in love with the Beauty of The Filipno Language. I think it is romantic in every form. So here is something for all of my fellow filipino readers..

Sa gabi na walang tala.
Sa panahong mapanglaw.
Mga pusong di naawa.
Mga hinimok na pananalanta.
Sa bingit ng basag na salamin,
nabubulok nkahoy,
nalalantang bukid,
nagbabadyang alanganin,
kasiguraduhan ng hamak,
kawalan ng nagmamahalan.
Sa kawalan ng sinagtala,
sikat ng araw,
at kung kailang dapit hapon
at takipsilim ang nangingibabaw.
Heto’t payabungin ang baga, ang liwanang ng kandila

Kailan Man Hindi ako Mawawala.



Happy Weekend Guys, I am leaving you with this one and the Erotica, "The Officer" and of course, with another photo of me.

Stay Bleesed, Beautiful and Free!


Reyville said...

Khalel, I really admire your writings. Keep it going.

Sh@ney said...

Hi friends,
Just a 'quicky' to let you know my blog address has changed LOL
The old address was too similar to that of 'Pride of Place' & I have been asked to change it.
New address is
Sorry for the hassle

savante said...

Translation! :) I bet it sounds wonderful!

khalel said...

reyville, thanks man! Ill try my best. c",)

khalel said...

shaney, i have changed your link! Goodluck!

khalel said...

paul, ill try to come up with the translation for it. Hopefully this week! c",)

Thanks for dropping by man!

cant_u_read said...

i have a lot of catching up to do.

jimg29 said...

on a litless starry night, season forlorn, hearts have no pity, forming devastation, on the edge of broken glasses, decaying woods, drying fields, the weak and the indigent poor are guaranteed in unity, when lovers decease on lucklustre lit sky, sans sunrise, dusk comes enveloping darkness, here flourish the amber, let candle burn, AND FOREVER I WONT BE GONE!

jimg29 said...

I never thought how hard it is to convey the imagery and rythm of this poem, and after posting a translation i realized some mistakes and for that please accept my apology. For readers who don't understand, here is my new stab for Maging Sa Dapit Hapon. When dusk comes near, thru a gloomy night of season forlorn, cruel hearts are norm, ravaging devastations, on the verge of shattered glasses, decaying woods, drying fields, waving doubts, the surety of the indigents, unite, when loves lost and guiding lights unfound, dashed is the radiant hope, when dusk comes near and darkness reigns, fan the flame, alas, let candle burn, AND NEVER WOULD I BE FORGOTTEN...