Monday, February 12, 2007

Rising Phoenix

My soul lies on the ground
Crying and dieing
In the blood-soaked grass
All its worries before
Are now a thing of the past
As it grows steadly pailer
It dies withouit valor
A most dishonorable death
Secrets within that
Contain repressed sin
Spill out before the world
Nothing is sacred anymore

It couldn't last much longer
It couldn't take much more
The flash of light that
Finally ended the fight
The light that quickly
Pierced the eyes
That drew back out
Had come back to
Split the skin
The blood was spraying
And i was praying
For the forgiveness of my sin
I fall defeated in shame
Not even a word to my name
Nobody knew me
And few seemed to care
I got cut down
And now everyone' there
At my grave asking
What could have saved me
On that fateful day
My one regret is that
I never said what i had to say
Now I lie in the
Same blood-soaked grass
Knowing it's too late
And its too late to change

Just before i die
I break down and cry
And defy every ounce
Of my pride
But now i rise
Out of the blood
And walk with
A graceful stride
Im no longer as
Weak as i used to be
My eyes are open
Now i begin to see
But to my distress
Humanities nature
Is covered by a sinfull dress
But there are few
Who actually confess
They speak it all
Unlike all the rest

Now im stuck
In high school in
My years known to
Be the best
I endure the senselessness
Of the petty skwaking
No one stops to think
They just keep on talking
Despite the consequences
They will have to go through
It's useless for me to
Try to deny this
But it's the truth
Real thoughts can
Only be found in the youth

The older we get
The more we forget
What it's like to dream
We're so used to life
We orget to scream
We have conformed
To what we know is normal
These are the thoughts of the mortal
Only to please onself
We wonder why life sucks so bad
I'll tell you why
And it's Pretty sad

We've neglected and forgotten
What we've already had
We always want something more
Than what we presently have
We dwell on something new
For about a year or two
Then it loses importance
To the rise of an
Amazing breakthrough
I've come to realize
That I'm one of the few
Who can enjoy life
And just shrug off striff
Because i know there's
More to life than
Just me or you
So take some time
And strike yourself dead
Rise from your blood
With a clearer head
And a better understanding
Of what life is presenting

And now just try to comprehend
What has just been said
Clear your mind
And empty your head
Wisdom like this is
Not just bought
And it cannot be taught
It must be found from inside
A fully conciouse mind
Wisdom like this
Is hard to find
Use it to enjoy
Your life
Pretty soon it'll be you
Who shruggs off strife
Ressurect yourself to
Protect yourself
From humanities knife.
"for in my death, I have found life."

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