Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yesterday i received a text message from bunso informing that it is over between him and his one month lover. No big Deal really, I am used to that story - he will send me a message telling me that he have found someone, and then later on his story will be their break up.

"Love Hurts."

But honestly, i feel bad about every story he would tell me, i know bunso loves the guy so much, i could feel in his last story about the guy and our occassional exchange of text messages about what he call, "suplado type" boyfriend.

I felt bad because i know he deserve that happiness he has been longing for so long...

Then it struck me, "I wanted it to be over... He Cheated on Me."

"Then you have no reason to shed a tear and you have more reason to be happy." I replied back.


"Ditse, kinakabahan ako... Matagal ng hindi nagtetext si Peejay and now that he finally sent me message he is saying that he wanted us to have a serious talk about our relationship."


"Deep inside your heart
I know you are searching
Searching on an unknown quest
The destination: you’ll never find
What you want is security:
A hope, a place called home
Someone to wrap your arms around at night
Someone to tell you its ok.
Once you realize this,
And once you find your heart:
I hope you will turn around to find,
The one who was always there for you:
One who was always yours –
Always was and always will be
Yours when you couldn’t find yourself"


Bunso, we love you - ate and I, and that love will not falter.


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chino said...

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