Monday, February 26, 2007


scars of discrimination

Don't talk to me
I have nothing to say
Just let me be
You can't make me think
I have anything to offer
I'm sick of your patience
I tire of your warmth
Go and help someone else
There are plenty of us left

Turn off the light
You know exactly how I feel
And close the door
I want to amplify the dark
I'm not picking fights
I won't make a scene.
I'm not driving to Manila.
I won't pretend to care.
I am not who I know.
I'll wear your clothes
I'll eat your food
I'll whispher your words
But none of it's true
I'll be an illusion
I'll wake up dreaming

I don't appreciate sun
I'm not sensitive to nuance
I don't care for partisan
I don't wish to be free
If you can find somebody else
With a lie just like mine
I'd bet they're dead
That could have been me
I don't know what to believe

I'm not afraid...
Don't ask me how I know
The beauty is...
That beauty is a lie
The cure for pain,
Is yet more...
Well you can find somebody else
To blame for your guilt.
I did not agree to this game
I didn't sign on a line,
But I'll make it up anyway.

I'm on the airwaves
That's me in your ears
I'm pulling the leaves off
I'm cutting the answers
Into the soil
I'm baking the crystals
You see in the sand
I will take, I will give
But you can find somebody else
To struggle or war for.
One reflection in an arm
One chasm into my soul
Pour my mind into the drain
Say goodnight.

Homophobia is a killer! Stop Homophobia Now!
feeling a bit cocky this week, so most probably you will read more anti discrimination essays, and poems...

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Long Live the Rainbow Flag!