Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Simple Resting Broken Heart

Simple Resting, Broken Heart

Wanting nothing, being no one.

I exist as self sufficiency.

I feel the 10,000 things, but they do not feel me.

What a strange, sad state of affairs.

What unique loneliness.

An ache that expands, touches, feels.

We are home together.
How can they not feel this?
How did I, not, feel this?

Simple resting, broken heart.

I do not know….

Behind the sometimes callous, prickly texture of my personality is a sadness that often leaves me unable to speak. My dearest friends, you who are my family, this human life has never felt my own, and so I often do not know how to share in our common humanity. I remain untouched, alone. I'm sorry I do not know how to be with you where you are, as you are, with the joys and pains that color your life. But that doesn't mean I don't feel you. I do. Deeply, I do.

Simple resting, broken heart.

I do not know....  

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