Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Unforgotten Memories

This is dedicated to you...

crystal blue skies
mountain breeze
holding my breath for the first kiss
rose filled room
a royal blue gown
words i say just for u
unforgotton memories
holding myself close to u
my heart races
holding my breath for just another kiss
u r touch soft and loving
lost in moments with u
unforgotten memories
a small key i place near u r heart
whisper keep it close always
look into u r soul surrendering mine to u
make a vow to the one i love
to always hold u dear
love u forever and always ....
look into u r eyes smiling soflty
oh so long ago my love
i gave u a small key
and u have kept it close to u r heart
just as i kept u r love close to mine
always in my thoughts always will i love thee
lonely i am never
for all i have to do is close my eyes
and near u i am
cherished r the times i have with u
unforgotten memories

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