Monday, July 25, 2005

Quotation Marks etc...

"Beneath the dingy uniformity of international fashion... Man remains a savage, a blood Thrist human Being."

- anonymous

(Hmmmm... blood thristy? Whew! I know others guys who are thirsty with something else, and its not colored red!)

"Never Try to Shine in a Barrowed Finery!"

- Jose P. Rizal

(So, charlatan and pure quacks.... STAY AWAY FROM ME!)

"Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free."

- cairo

(Ei, its from me... stay beautiful guys!)

"I only let you see things I wanted you to see!"

- Ms. Celia Rodriguez

(Isususmbong kita kay Darna!)

"If you cannot be good... Be careful!"

- Joey Ventayen

(Joey is a friend of mine and whenever he made that que I would always laugh my heart out!)

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