Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Power of Three

(The Power of Three: from left: Kiddo, Me and Jed)

Last Friday Night, I am with my two bestfriends! (bloodline lang kulang sa amen pero they are brothers in heart!) We partied at Government until four in the morning! (Shucks!)

Kinda bored really, it is our first time there and No offense to the people there but the crowd is really... Well just go there and get the picture for yourself.

Since we cant do anything that very moment because it will be such a drag if you move to malate at that hour (we came in around eleven pm. So we just try to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the party! Well we dance the whole night!

Jed: Cairo, ang tigas ng bewang mo!!!

Cairo: Hahahaha

But i get to dance with someone. (wink)

I hope makalabas kame ulet.

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