Monday, July 25, 2005

Just Another Day?

Have you ever wonder when you wake up in the morning and found yourself doing the things you have done yesterday? EXACTLY REPEATING THE SAME THINGS YOU HAVE DONE YESTERDAY? Argh!!!!!

It seems to be that our lives is eaten by our days and nights without nothing happening special or at least someone who can pump up the beat of your heart and makes us... Ok, fall in love? Or done anything exciting or worth doing at all?

Sometimes, i cant help but compare myself to sisyphus. (check the spelling, cant really remember how does my Philisophy professor spell his name) Sisyphus is a a greek character (Was He? Hahahahaha) who condemned by the Gods and made him roll a boulder of rock on a mountain slope for the rest of his life. When the he reach the mountain top pushing that boulder, the rock will eventuall roll down again to another slope and there he go again pushing that boulder to the top once more.

There are times in my life that I think i am like him, doing things in routine, wittingly or unwittingly, over and over again. I wake up in the morning, do my morning rituals... go to work... stay there from 8 am to 11 pm, go home and try to catch some sleep to give me strength for just another day


Nah, everyday single is a miracle. It is a miracle that you wake from slumberous death. Each breath we take is magic. Each day is new challenge to make each better than what you have yesterday. Challenges that each single days offers is building up our character for the better. (or for the worse if we choose it to be that way.) Moulding us to be a much greater warrior of life as each days and and each nights hunts us.

Yes, LIFE IS ONE GREAT BATTLEFIELD. The cliche, we are living in a world that only thestrong survive. The Survival of the Fittest analogy is all much true. THE WEAKLINGS ARE LEFT BEHIND TO DIE, THEY PERISH WITH A SAD HEART BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT THAT IT WAS JUST ANOTHER DAY...

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