Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Let's Talk about SEX.

One day I found myself sending a message (a group text) to people on my phone directory and ask them one question:

What is SEX?

So let's Talk about Sex...

"Sex is powerful, SEX is Joy, SEX is Hapinness, SEX is beautiful, SEX is Sacred, ah ewan basta SEX is SEX!"

- Marvin
(Marvin is a dentist somewhere in Quezon City)

"Hmmm... SEX... that's tricky. c",) I guess SEX is a very important intimate moment you share with someone you really like. You don't have to LOVE the person, but like him/her to the point that you feel your day isn't complete without spending time with that person."

- Mac

"SEX for me is an expression of who we really are. TRUE SEX, we are LIBERATED. NO qualms and inhibitions, no alter egos. Just plain you. SEX is the beginning of Everything and can be the end as well."

- Brew
(This guy is so in love with garfield... So i call him PUSSY!)

"Well SEX for me is the mostimportant thing that both inlove individuals shared. I really enjoy this with person i love most and not with a stranger who think that they can get you easily. I treasure this thing a lot so i am not going to do or have it with someone i dont love. It is a most sacred thing that we should give importance."

- Arnold

"SEX is CAIRO, melts in your mouth not in your hands."

- Jayson
(He is a bi male student of the University of Santo Tomas)

"Pare para sa akin ang SEX masarap gawin pag MAHAL mo ang taong ka SEX mo at masarap pag may pagmamahal na kasama at di lang SEX."

- Arthur

"SEX is an ART!"

- Maldito
(Spoken like a true beauty queen. I call him Melanie Marquez with tower height.)

"SEX is basically a process for procreation. It evolved into leisure when humanity has defeated the nature in their primeval struggle. Mahaba ang kasaysayan ng SEX. Putting the concept today, SEX is merely an activity to satisfy a couple or a group's LUST. It is proven to be healthy but there are risks, especially now that venereal desease (STI) are not uncommon. To gay people, SEX can either be arefuge for those who search for an escape route for those lost at heart."

- Kelly
(This guy has a sexy brain. Working for a call center, kelly can talk about anything)

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