Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You 2008

I want to thank you, Gracious Lord,
for the good friends you give me;
they are for me a priceless bounty.
Thanks to them, friendship is neither an abstraction,
nor a distant, almost impossible, dream.
I owe to your providence, Lord,
the possibiltiy of counting on
the constant help of friends.
Between me and them you have formed a solid bridge,
which can withstand all threats of destruction.
The happiness with which you have blessed us
enables us to enrich one another.
Lord, tehre was something astonishing,
almost mysterious,
in the way I met my friends;
it was always outside the expected pattern.
But you alone know the reasons
that drew us closer together.
This surprise and joy are refreshing,
and I experience them anew
at every step of my life.
Not all proved to be steadfast friends,
but I have to thank you
for the faithful ones.
I promise to do everything in my power
to deserve this precious gift
that you have reserved for me.
I ask you, Gracious Lord, to keep them safe in your hands,
for they are yours above all.


There are so many things to be thankful for this year.
And as it closes, allow me.

To My Ever Dearesr Friends, Jed and Roy.
Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. I love you mga kapatid.

To Vince,
Thank you for the gift of friendship, super bonding tayo this year and lovet!

To My Konzepto Family
Thank you so much for the continous Support and Love.

To My New Found Friends,
Grabe ang dami kong nakilalang mga kaibigan this year.
I know I dont need to name each one of you, thank you for letting me into your life and sharing with the gift of friendship.

To my G4M Last Model Standing Cycle 2 Family, Iportr8ts, PSN, IAFB, James Tuason
Thank you so much for making me feel special with all the wonderful photos.

To my Blogger Family and Readers, thank you for the support.

Happy New Year EveryOne!
Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free.


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

happy new yr, mi amigo.

XanFactor said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR from xanfactor!

The Vice Buddha said...

Happy New year To You too mate :)

Just ran into ur blog.... liked the loo of it.. read the post.. and felt like wishing you :)

About friendship, whenever someone's asked me.. this is all i eva said....

I sought them far and found them
The sure, the straight, the brave
The hearts I lost my own to
The souls I could not save
They braced their belts about them
They crossed in ships the sea
They sought and found six feet of ground
And there they died for me...!!



i no longer blog at Scusi! Sono Smarrito ( so i would appreciate it if you could change the address to (


Happy New Year to you.