Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Apocalypse

Sick apothecary,
Joyful tragedy,
Hazy visionary,
False prophecy,
Holy blasphemy,
Frank hypocrisy,
Climb the steps of green,
Crush omnipotency's machine,
Purely power hungry,
Anarchic monarchy,
The fictional true story,
The midnight morning glory,
Cinder crosses of burning siege,
Set ablaze by an angry god's seed,
Terror infliction,
Too frozen to freeze,
Infamous celebrities.
Incontagious disease,
Gently raging seas,
Insulting pleas,
Resistant appease,
Tornadic breeze.
Drive the knife through your knees,
Twisted ecstasy,
Apathetically melancholy,
Harvest cyprus reeds,
Ride flaming steeds,
Mercury skies rain golden tears,
Aquatic demons slaughter crystal deer,
Lifeless careers,
Creeping arachnid fears,
Endearingly revealing,
Passionate sobriety,
Bloody dismantling,
Aristocratic emancing,
Stone hearts dancing,
Hateful romancing,
Monarchistic rebellion,
Poison kiss,
Eternal eclipse,
The end of the world,
The apocalypse.


Josh of Arabia said...

glad to visit u from Ruff's portal.

ur veri right on ur digital vs film post. sure, digital couldnt beat the film..

and this poem, amazing!

brb. rgds.:D

Josh of Arabia said...
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